March Madness!

Hey Ladies!
I can't believe its March already! The first 2 months of the year flew by so quickly!
Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been killing it in the gym trying to get in good enough shape for Cancun next week! 

I figured I would do a quick post on how to get great arms! I have studied for over a year now on physical fitness and training (I hope to be a certified trainer in the next few years) So that being said...
Here is a quick routine you can do to help get rid of flabby arms and tone up those triceps and biceps! 
Hope you all Enjoy! 

Part one; Skull crushers!
Don't let the title fool you, you won't be crushing your skull (although I suppose you could if you picked a weight that was too high, so be careful!)
With this, you want to pick a weight that you can hold up straight (arms fully extended, straight up)
I suggest starting with a 20lb bar (if this is too much find a 10!) 
Next step; Keep your triceps straight, bend your arms at the elbows as close to your forehead as you can
(once you have mastered this, try to get the bar behind your head to work the muscles even harder!)

That is part 1, do a set of 8 and follow on to the next step!

Step 2; Bicep curls!
Alright, so I have mastered the ultimate way to do these! 
The picture is good, but instead of holding your arms down do this:
Hold your left arm at a 90 degree angle and do 4 curls with your right arm, then hold your right arm at a 90 degree angle and do 4 curls with your left. Do this twice, so you've done 8 curls on each side!

Step 3; Tricep Dips!
Pretty self explanatory! Try and keep your back as straight as possible and dip 8 times! 

Now you know the steps, repeat all 3 steps in a "Superset"! 
Go through the steps 3 times, and try and fit this into your workout routine twice a week, you will start to see results and you will be very pleased with them, I promise! 
Don't forget to drink plenty of water, and eat clean to maximize results! 

Your arms will burn after you finish this workout if you're doing it right, so if they aren't try increasing the weight in step one. Don't forget... its a MYTH that women using weights will look like a body builder, using resistance is key to toning your body!

This is a great workout to get rid of that "underarm flab" that every woman has issues with! We all have it, but this will help you get rid of it, and tone your arms!

If you guys have any questions on fitness or want a personalized diet, let me know and I will help out!

Remember, it doesn't matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch!

Hugs 'n Kisses


  1. I love all of these! I was actually thinking about preparing for fitness competitions although right now im way out of my league. Right now im takng spin classes and i love the challange! Great blog.

    1. Keep it up!! It takes hard work and dedication, but you're headed in the right direction!

  2. It has been a fast month, time is flying. These are great! x

    1. Try it out if ya get a chance and let me know what you think :)


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