Good Morning Vietnam! 
Well maybe not Vietnam, but I saw it in a movie once, so I had to say it haha!

Yesterday I was feeling a wee bit under the weather, so my bestie decided to take me out for dinner, and she surprised me with some treats! I was so excited, it totally made me feel better!
What a haul she got me too, so sweet of her! 

Cute Leopard print purse!
Leopard print travel make-up bags (PERFECT for Cancun!!)
Lotion so I don't burn
Estee Lauder - Black gel eyeliner
Estee Lauder foundation - Beach Beige
Estee Lauder foundation brush

Here's a pic of the make up close! 

I was so excited, this totally made my night :)
In case you haven't already realized, I LOVE leopard print haha! 
Dinner was very good too, I definitely cheated my diet a bit though haha!

Happy hump day ladies!

xxx Jessica


  1. :) she's got good taste. What a good friend ;)

  2. that's so cute! i love it jess! i thought today you were going to cancun!?

    post pix of the bikinis you got!

    1. I leave on Saturday!! I will post a pic of my new bikini hehe, I totally forgot I had taken the pic of it on my ipad haha!


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