Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday bloggettes!
Today I decided to link-up with Sarah from Life of Love 

Here's my weekly thoughts.

Tomorrow. You're coming home TOMORROW!!! After 10 long weeks, the day has finally arrived! I am beyond words at this point. The condo has never looked so clean haha and I am ready for you to walk through the gates at arrivals tomorrow!

I'm starting to wonder why you always seem to talk about babies and weddings.....
Now you're put up a photo of you and your niece. Is this a hint?

Friends. You all suck. Thank you for forgetting my birthday. 
I will ensure I do nothing for yours in upcoming years. 

33.5 more hours until D is back!!! 

Over and out. 


A summer full of weddings

Good Morning my loves :)

This week has been hectic, getting ready for D to come home on Friday :)
I had another wedding on Saturday (photos to follow)
Now I have found myself blessed with an awful ear infection. 
I can't hear out of my left ear at all. This whole work business is tough seeing as half my job is on the phones.

I can't wait for D to come home, I'm honestly more excited than a kid at christmas! 
He says he is coming home bearing gifts heheh :)

I am however disappointed that none of my friends are going to be in town for my birthday....
They all conveniently "forgot" and they're going camping. 
Which I was also not invited to... 
Yeah. Stuper stoked. Not. 

Here's a few of my photos from Saturday!
Enjoy my loves 

Lots of Love 


Friday Favorites

Well ladies... dun dun dun!
We are officially 1 week from D's return!!! 
I may or may not be slightly more excited than the rest of you. 
Maybe yes? Maybe no?
So to kick off this weekend, I linked up with The Bargain Blonde to share some of my favorites :)

Lululemon: I love you hahah, I practically live in your clothes. I know, sort of weird. Seeing as I am the only girl in the service department at my dealership, I get away with murder. Not real murder, but the fashion kind where I wear lulu's to work with a lulu sweater. No big deal. I am the "Service Princess"

Tim Hortons: For all you bloggettes in the US or well anywhere but Canada, you won't understand the delight I have every morning. Tim Hortons is a Canadian thing, but it's amazing!! Starbucks is good, don't get me wrong, but for a good cup of coffee, no frills this is the winner. 

Hello Kitty: Slightly embarrassed by this one. You are just oh so cute. D does not really like my small obsession with you but he can get through it. I try and keep my "Badass" chick on a mission reputation, but the Hello Kitty air freshener and small TY beanie sort of give away this small obsession. Yes I have both in my TRUCK. Truth. 

Have a good weekend ladies :)

xoxo J


Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts for today.....

How on earth have I gotten through the last 9 weeks, but this last one seems impossible? D comes come next friday, yes 1 more week. I've had ups and downs, cried a little and been pretty good overall. I can honestly say, never again will I let the love of my life go away to another country for 10 weeks. I will however, go with him :) 1 more week, 1 more, I can do this. 

Slightly disappointed with my friends right now....
A friend called last night to chat, so we had our normal conversation, and I said "we should hang out next Thursday before D comes back" to my surprise, her reply was "Oh sorry I'll be camping" to which I said "So you'll be away all weekend.... including my birthday." Yeah. It happened. It always happens. Thanks mom and dad for getting busy when you did..... Now my birthday is always the beginning of school, or the long weekend. Awesome. Not.

Fix up, look sharp. 
That's right I'm pretty excited to dress up, and look pretty to pick up D at the airport. I may or may not have taken the day off to ensure maximum prettiness will be achieved. He's worth it :)

The new guy at work drives me insane. So much so, I would actually contemplate finding a new job.... 
I'm training him to do the job I should be doing... and he's a moron. End of story, there is no morning glory when he is here. 

Hug & Kisses 


Volim te.

Well hello there Tuesday Bloggettes!

Wondering what my post title post is about??
Well I'll tell ya! Volim te = I love you
In Croatian of course. 

No, I am not fluent in Croatian, however I do know how to say I love you and..... well let's just say a "select few" phrases/words hahah!

P.S. Just noticed it's 11:11, does anyone else make wishes like me?

I don't really have to much to tell you guys for right now. I had another photo shoot last night, and I have a wedding again on Saturday. Other than that I have 10 sleeps left until my love comes home :)

I remember counting the sleeps before he left, each night got harder and harder and by the last night neither of us slept at all. I am beyond words, so stoked for him to come back!! It happens to be my birthday on the 1st, and he happens to come home on the 31st. So I get my birthday wish!! He will be home and he can spend the day with me. 

Sorry for all the excitement, I did manage to keep my shoes on in this fit of joy though. 

xo Jessica 


Friday's Letters

Today I am linking up with Ashley for "Friday's Letters"
Honestly, I look forward to this every week! 

Dear B: Happy Birthday!! I had a great time last night and I'm glad you liked your gifts!

Dear Work: Thankfully we are almost done with you for the week. I'm exhausted. 

Dear Europe: I'm coming to visit. It's settled, next year I want to see you. End of story. 

Dear Dramatic "friends" of B: Thank you for planning her surprise party for tomorrow night. However, would it be possible to pick a place SHE wants to go.... You seem to have confused her classy, dressed up, princess, fancy style for.... well a less glamorous night. I truly do not think she will like the establishment you chose. It will be full of under age hipster kids with greasy hair. Maybe you should have planned this for her and not what you guys would like. Good "friends" you are....

Dear D: 13 more sleeps my love! I am so excited I can barely sleep (which in turn is making these last nights pretty horrible) Thank you for commenting on our old date photos on facebook :) You are just too cute for words. Volim te <3 

Here's a few of my instagram photos from B's birthday last night :) 
Follow me @mzjessicaxo 

Sorry about the spring roll pic haha, I had to!

Hmm that's a nice hat... Glad I made it for ya!

I HAD to buy this for you <3 

Happy Friday Blogette's!
xxx Jessica 


Dedicated to D

Happy Wednesday fellow Bloggettes!
I hope you are all having a fabulous week, we're closer to the weekend now!

For this post, I wanted to dedicate it to the love of my life D. 

Just a few days before he left for Europe!

So those of you who follow my blog on the regular know that D has been in Croatia since June 19....
This has been very difficult for both of us, and I have tried to occupy my time with work while he's been away. Things have been good, we talk regularly and skype at least once a week. We're nearing the end of his long trip! 15 sleeps to be exact haha! I am more than ecstatic to see him. The last week has been the hardest, he's been busy, I've been at weddings and working, and we really hadn't gotten a lot of time to talk. That is, until last night. We had an amazing skype date! We shared our feelings and love for one another and I feel much better now. It's hard when someone you love is across the world, somewhere you're never been and you don't know what it's like there. 

Before he left, we spent every day together. Literally. I used to go to his house for lunch when he worked at night, and if he didn't work I was with him after I was done at my job. The photo above was taken on his "Pre-Birthday trip" that I booked for us before he left. (his birthday was 5 days after he left) I took him to Invermere, British Columbia, rented us a beautiful condo in a resort (So fancy the mirrors in the bathroom had tv's in them!) we explored, went for dinner, enjoyed each others company and some drinks, and had a great weekend! It was a great trip to spend time together before he left :)

Regardless, I love D with all my heart and soul. Distance is such a small thing when someone means so much. I cannot wait for his return! I've planned my outfit already haha!  

Don't measure the distance, measure my love. 



Sometimes: I stress myself out and worry that things won't be the same when you return.
Always: I remind myself that things happen for a reason, and they will go as they are meant to.

Sometimes: I work myself too hard and don't give myself enough credit 
Always: I realize this and treat myself to something nice 

Sometimes: I just want to sit at home and veg-out 
Always: I let myself once in awhile but this is NOT a daily habit 

Sometimes: I wish I blogged more this summer
Always: I have to adjust my schedule accordingly as it's wedding season

Sometimes: I think photography picked up too quick and it's a lot to handle
Always: I work hard to attain the goals I set for myself

Happy Tuesday!

xxx Jessica 


Weekend Recap

Hello my loves!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I spent the majority of mine working as usual in wedding season. 
Friday night however I did manage to get some free time after work! A few friends and I went to see a comedy show, and it was hilarious! We enjoyed a few bevvies and laughed our butts off for a few hours before I went home. That's the only downside haha, I always have to be up early on Saturday's to prepare for the weddings.

Saturday I was at a wedding ALL day. It was one of my favorites this year though seeing as I knew the couple personally :) The bride and I worked together at an airline for a few years. 

Sunday was fairly tame, went for dinner at the parents to visit and of course spent hours editing the 750+ photos from the day before (I still have a LONG way to go with them!) 

I am terribly missing my boyfriend right now. I must admit 10 weeks apart is a long time, but it feels like even longer. We are almost 8 weeks into it now, 17 more sleeps until he comes home! I am so excited. Hopefully everything is the same when he comes back, a lot could change in 10 weeks. Our conversations have gotten less frequent, but he still "likes" all my status updates and stuff haha so I know he's thinking about me :)

Here's a few photos from the wedding this weekend :)



Friday's Letters

Dear Croatia: Please take care of my boyfriend for this last 20 days of his trip. The first 7 weeks has been very difficult, but we can get through this together!

Dear Boyfriend: I miss you terribly please stop being so distant. I know you're having fun with your friends and family but don't forget about me. 4 days is too long to go without receiving a message! You are the love of my life, I've never felt like this before and I am nervous things won't be the same when you return. 10 weeks is a long time, but I love you more and more with every day that passes.

Dear Work: Thank you for over-looking me for the promotion.... I am seriously considering things right now. I know I do my job well.... maybe too well. You say you're being greedy by keeping me at my position and you don't want to lose me. Make's me think another employer might value me as well, for a bigger buck! 

Dear Photography Business: You are booming! Dreams really do come true, you're bigger than I ever imagined you would be. Daddy says I may be able to make something big out of you, and not have to be employed anymore :)

Dear Body: Sorry for stressing you out to the point you hate me. I am trying to take care of you but life is crazy right now. Stop dropping weight!! 10 lbs is too much for me to lose right now, stop stop stop!

Dear Coffee: I love you. I love waking up to you. You brighten my day. That is all :)

Dear Friends: Some of you are valued, and I truly appreciate your support while D has been away. To the ones that decided to move away and tell me I'm "toxic".... kiss my poisonous behind! I don't need your negativity, your self pity parties, and your drama. Adios, Ciao for now, See ya later gator, buh-bye! 

Well Friday, you have finally arrived. I am one week closer to the arrival of my love now, and I have yet another big wedding tomorrow. Here's to all the ladies that work EVERYDAY like I do :)
I support ya, it's not an ideal situation, but you can do it, just like me!

Hug and Kisses from Canada

xoxox Jessica 


Miss me?

First and foremost, I missed all of you :)
Thank you to a few of you who kept track of me using Instagram (@mzjessicaxo)

Life has been hectic, and I mean hectic. 
The boyfriend left for Croatia June 19th.... 
I can honestly say I am driving myself crazy without him, however I miss him and love him more and more each and every day. 
We come's back on the 31st, man oh man time goes slow. 10 weeks is a long time to be apart.

It's wedding season! Hooray! Right?
Not! Hahah, Wedding season is always hectic for me. 
For those of you who do not follow me on a regular basis, I work for Audi full time, as well as own a photography company. Specifically weddings :)
So you can only imagine how busy life has been for me.
I'll put a few of my wedding shots up for you guys to see!

If any of you girls want to be super nice, you can also "Like" my facebook fanpage :)
I'll love ya forever, well okay I already do <3

Here's a few just for you guys :) 

He had actually hired me to capture their engagement
Which we had just moments before :)
Downtown Calgary, Alberta 

Jonah & Emily 
Garrett & Lauren 

Jonah & Emily 
Virginia & Rudy

Gorgeous Rings

Pre-Wedding Bridal Party Photos 

Just the girls 

The Engagement Ring

Engagement Shoot

I love this 1957 Chevy truck

"Hay we're getting hitched!"

Love & Light Ladies
I'm back now I promise 

xxx Jessica