Friday's Letters

Dear Croatia: Please take care of my boyfriend for this last 20 days of his trip. The first 7 weeks has been very difficult, but we can get through this together!

Dear Boyfriend: I miss you terribly please stop being so distant. I know you're having fun with your friends and family but don't forget about me. 4 days is too long to go without receiving a message! You are the love of my life, I've never felt like this before and I am nervous things won't be the same when you return. 10 weeks is a long time, but I love you more and more with every day that passes.

Dear Work: Thank you for over-looking me for the promotion.... I am seriously considering things right now. I know I do my job well.... maybe too well. You say you're being greedy by keeping me at my position and you don't want to lose me. Make's me think another employer might value me as well, for a bigger buck! 

Dear Photography Business: You are booming! Dreams really do come true, you're bigger than I ever imagined you would be. Daddy says I may be able to make something big out of you, and not have to be employed anymore :)

Dear Body: Sorry for stressing you out to the point you hate me. I am trying to take care of you but life is crazy right now. Stop dropping weight!! 10 lbs is too much for me to lose right now, stop stop stop!

Dear Coffee: I love you. I love waking up to you. You brighten my day. That is all :)

Dear Friends: Some of you are valued, and I truly appreciate your support while D has been away. To the ones that decided to move away and tell me I'm "toxic".... kiss my poisonous behind! I don't need your negativity, your self pity parties, and your drama. Adios, Ciao for now, See ya later gator, buh-bye! 

Well Friday, you have finally arrived. I am one week closer to the arrival of my love now, and I have yet another big wedding tomorrow. Here's to all the ladies that work EVERYDAY like I do :)
I support ya, it's not an ideal situation, but you can do it, just like me!

Hug and Kisses from Canada

xoxox Jessica 


  1. Time will be flying will see him soon...exciting :)) Take care of yourself too :) And if you think you deserve a raise or better position - go and get it!! Don't wait for it to come to you :)) Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. It is very exciting! Just seems like forever!
      I followed you back, thanks for following :)

  2. Congrats on things going so well with your photography business! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you :)
      And thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. That's awesome that your photography is booming. Definitely something I would love to get into :)

    1. You can always ask questions :)
      Thank you!

    2. Well ok :)

      What are your favorite lenses?


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