Volim te.

Well hello there Tuesday Bloggettes!

Wondering what my post title post is about??
Well I'll tell ya! Volim te = I love you
In Croatian of course. 

No, I am not fluent in Croatian, however I do know how to say I love you and..... well let's just say a "select few" phrases/words hahah!

P.S. Just noticed it's 11:11, does anyone else make wishes like me?

I don't really have to much to tell you guys for right now. I had another photo shoot last night, and I have a wedding again on Saturday. Other than that I have 10 sleeps left until my love comes home :)

I remember counting the sleeps before he left, each night got harder and harder and by the last night neither of us slept at all. I am beyond words, so stoked for him to come back!! It happens to be my birthday on the 1st, and he happens to come home on the 31st. So I get my birthday wish!! He will be home and he can spend the day with me. 

Sorry for all the excitement, I did manage to keep my shoes on in this fit of joy though. 

xo Jessica 


  1. awesome that your guy will be home for your birthday...

    and in other news, OF COURSE I make wishes at 11:11.... duuuuuuh ;)

    1. OH I knew you would haha!
      11:11 wishes are awesome and they have to come true for sure!

  2. Am happy your guy will be coming home soon :)) And yes, always making wishes :) xx

  3. If by chance I see the time at 11:11 I def make a wish! So exciting that your man is coming home just in time for your Birthday!!! xoxo

    1. Yes I'm so excited! I always seem to look at the time at 11:11 haha


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