Nominated :)

Well this sure came as a surprise this morning! Ess from This is Ess nominated me for the "Most versatile blogger" award :) 
How freakin adorable is that!! She definitely made my Friday morning :)

So here were the rules;
Rules- Thank the person that nominated you with a link back.
- Tell 7 things about yourself.
- Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs & let them know that they received the award.

Now for the fun stuff haha :)
7 things about me....

1. I have 6 tattoos (it looks like 4 but 2 of them were added on to by different artists)
2. I have a new love interest... He's asked me to be his girlfriend (yesterday to be exact) This excites me and terrifies me at the same time
3. I'm training for a fitness competition in a few months and I love personal training
4. I'd rather go out with messy hair as long as my make up is done than go without make up
5. I love cars. I know more about cars, engines, torsion, displacement (all things you may not have any idea what they are) than most men
6. I love photography, I've modelled as well I own a wedding photography company :)
7. I'm terrified of lady bugs... don't ask I really don't know why, but they scare me to death! I can ride dirtbikes and motorcycles and yet I'm afraid of a silly little insect. So odd!

Now I need to nominate my fave bloggers :)

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Ashley @ Absolutely Ashley
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The Management @ A Prince and Prozac

I love all your beautiful blogs!
Happy Friday Bloggers :)

<3 Jessica


The way I see it Thursday

The way I see it:

Life is too short to not see the best in people

There is no point in frowning or being upset, because someone could be falling in love with your smile

It's better to live a little on the edge, than regret taking risks

Monday's really aren't that bad, any day can be a bad day the name of the day really doesn't change anything

Positive outlook = Positive outcome 

Love is a word we use to often, the more you blurt it out the less is truly means

Friends are great, but great friends are hard to find so don't let them pass you by 

Every moment is an opportunity, blink to fast and you just might miss one 

To all my beautiful bloggers, today is another day make it count :)
Feel free to link up and share your views on life!

Hugs and Kisses from Canada

<3 Jessica 



Good Morning my Beauties :)

Last night was quite interesting for me. My usual routine involves going to the gym right after work, which I did. 
However, I had been approached last week by the assistant general manager....
She asked if I was interested in working there. Flattered of course, I do have a full time job, and other commitments, plus I enjoy my nights in the gym working out. 
I told her I would think about it and get back to her. (She asked if I could maybe just work a few hours each day on the weekend)

Turns out, now I will be working the occasional Saturday at my regular job. This kind of eliminates the possibility to work at the gym as well, so I didn't bother to bring in a resume. 

Next thing I know, I'm sweating my buns off on the treadmill and the GM comes up next to me and starts asking me if I would just be "on call" to help them out.... 
Sounds alright to me! Free membership, free tanning, some extra cash and all I have to do is have my cell phone on! Done deal haha

So there ya have it, I officially work at the gym as well!

<3 Jessica


Sometimes & Always

Tuesday Mornings! Gotta love em! 

Sometimes; On my way to work I want to eat junk food
Always; I opt for something healthy like egg white on whole grain toast

Sometimes; I get frustrated when I don't see results from working out
Always; I continue to push myself because I know eventually I will see them

Sometimes; I play by the rules 
Always; I break a few along the way, and hope for the best 

Sometimes; I envy people that have lots of money and an "easy lifestyle"
Always; I remind myself it feels much better to work for something than to have it given to you.

Lord knows I'm not perfect, but I try my best day in and out and he appreciates my effort.
I'm honestly more of a Sinner than a Saint. I drink, I smoke, I curse, I break the rules, but at the end of the day I do my best, lend a hand to those in need, and live life to the fullest. So this is just fine by me.

Don't worry, I won't start a "Sinful Saturday's" link up hahah! 

<3 Jessica 


Pretty vs. Beautiful

I've been thinking a lot lately. Maybe because I've had some extra time on my hands with my friend being gone.  It crosses my mind that some people are just pretty and other people are truly beautiful.

I used to think all my friends were beautiful people. I was wrong. Some of my friends are beautiful, some are just pretty.What's the difference? Pretty doesn't smile back when you're having a bad day, beauty does. It's skin deep and it's a quality not a physical attribute. You can feel someone's beauty, you can only see someone's pretty. 

This brings me to my biggest point. 
Why are some of the prettiest girls ugly? This really bothers me. Perception is huge, but I am getting so tired of seeing these gorgeous girls walk around like everyone should worship the ground they walk on. No one  is meant to be your peon. Good looking people don't deserve any more than others. Everyone should be equal and that's why I felt like I needed to write this.

I cannot express the amount of disgust I feel when I see gorgeous girls acting like this. It only makes you unattractive and ugly. It makes me gag seeing you put down others, sitting on your high horse expecting people to drop at your feet really isn't attractive. Let it go, move on with your life and be happy! 

The most beautiful people are those that care about others, live life to the fullest and are genuinely positive. 

Take a minute today to comprehend all of this. Are you beautiful? or just another pretty face?
Do you do random acts of kindness, experience good karma, and think positively? Or do you expect people to do things for you, put down others, and only care about yourself? 
Chances are, we are all a little bit of both, but if we could all be just a tad more beautiful, our lives would be enriched forever. 

Happy Monday my Beautiful people!

<3 Jessica


Friday's Letters & More

As if we didn't know it was Friday..... So thankful today is here!
Not many of you know this yet, but my best friend moved 9 hours away this week. Needless to say, it's been a long hard week. So there may start to be more and more posts, as clearly I am lost without her haha and finding myself bored! 

Dear BFF: I miss you, I love you but I know you need to do this for you, and for that I am very proud of you.

Dear Spin Class: We have a love/hate relationship today. Great workout, but my butt bones hurt soo bad. 

Dear Friday: Glad you're here, but sad I work tomorrow

Dear Clean Diet: I adore you. Best thing I could have ever done for my body

Dear Boys: Why do you all come around at the same time? I'm lonely one week, and all of a sudden you're all playing this chasing game... is there some sort of meeting/group I need to be aware of?

Dear women at the gym: STOP looking at me, STOP trying to copy my workouts. If you want help ASK. I'd rather show you how to do something right with the appropriate weights, than watch you struggle trying to lift what I do. You're not superwoman, relax! (But I of course am superwoman haha)

Dear unemployed people in my city: You should not be without work right now. I work a full time job, own a company and some how managed to get offered 2 jobs this week.... One at a restaurant and one at a gym. Get off your couch! 

Thank you fellow bloggers for following me, I love you all dearly 

<3 Jessica 


Journey Forward {10}

Linking up with Chelsea from Life is a Sunset today for her Journey Forward.

Today's journey is about comparing yourself to people... 
Dear Chelsea; Today was especially hard for me to do this Journey Forward. I look forward to Thursday's to see what you come up with and how everyone responds, but today mine's a little backwards.

Ladies, Gentleman, Scholars, and Scoundrels..... 
I don't compare myself to any of you. 
I hate to be that person that says this, but it's the truth. 
I'd be lying if I said I wanted to have lovely blonde hair, or the newest iphone, and I only knew this because I was comparing myself to someone. 
That's just not the case! I do like blonde hair, but the girls that rock it can keep on rocking it! I do think iphone's are cool, but I'm not about to trade in my blackberry because the guy at starbucks has one and it made me want one. 
I like me, the way I am, and with the things I have. I have them because I like them, and I don't really care if other people like what I have. Truth of the matter is.... You just do you, and I'll be over here doin me hahah! 

Keep on rockin in the free world dudes! 

<3 Jessica 



Linkin up with Megan from Mackey Madness again for Sometimes & Always :)

Sometimes; I feel like I'm going to die when you move away tomorrow
Always; I know we will keep in touch and get through it together

Sometimes; I want to buy a new car
Always; I know it will come in time, just not now!

Sometimes; I sleep with a movie playing
Always; I wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off

Sometimes; I hit the snooze button
Always; I regret hitting it because I'm in rush mode!

Sometimes; I want to tell you I miss you 
Always; I know I'd be lying :)

Love and Light 



Life in the fast lane...xo

Life in the fast lane; and it's a one way road.

Monday has bestowed itself upon us once again! This week however I have to work Saturday as well. So this one will be a long one! I'm actually alright with that though. This means I can't go out Friday night, and I'll avoid drinking plus I'll probably make it to the gym every day! God must have known I drank my face off this past weekend. We will not be doing that again anytime soon!

For all of you lovelies that follow my blog on the regular you know I got a bonus last week..... and those of you who know me in real life know that it burned a hole in my pocket within minutes. This resulted in new Prada shoes! My oh my they are beautiful!! I wore them out on Friday night, and if you own Prada you know nothing compares the to smell of the leather or the feeling of the shoes :)
Of course I will post a pic for you guys later, I just happen to be at work at the moment (Clearly working way too hard!) 

This weekend I also found out my twin (bestie) is moving away :(
Very proud of her for taking the steps to make her life better, but of course absolutely distraught about being without her. Recently I've found myself friend-less... I've been getting rid of those "fake" people and surrounding myself with people I love. I'd rather have a few very close friends than 800 "friends" 

How did your weekends all go?

<3 Jessica


Friday's Letters

The weekend is hours away! I can't wait! 
Today has been splendid already as I got a nice bonus at work :)
May have to do a little shopping this weekend hehe! 

I love Fridays for obvious reasons, but also because I love Friday's Letters with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Tanning Salon; I know you're bad for me but you just feel so dang nice and I love not being pasty.

Dear Ma & Pa; I'm glad you made it home from Mexico safe and sound! I'm looking forward to our Sunday dinner at your place this weekend.

Dear Toyota Driver; The roads are slushy, no need to drive halfway on the shoulder and hydroplane every vehicle passing you. Do you even have a license?

Dear Girls/Old friends; You deleted me off of facebook, talk poorly about me but when you run into me in a tanning salon you act all nice? Hmmm I hope you didn't see my judging eyes. I will admit, you looked better on facebook/30lbs slimmer. Shitty deal yo! 

Dear Coffee; I love you with all my heart and soul, but I have a feeling this may be the end of our love. You're oh so sweet and such a delight, but my behind does not need to get any bigger.

Dear Quarterly Bonus; I LOVE YOU! I got half today, and I will receive the other half next pay day. My Visa is looking pretty good, we may be able to treat ourselves to something nice :)

Dear N; Thanks for the dinner dates, tanning, slurpees, laughs, and randomness this week. I love ya!

Dear "Boy"; You've been gone since Wednesday, I miss you secretly. When you come home please take me out :) (I'm way too excited about you, and I'm more than likely setting myself up for disappointment, I know)

Dear Ego; Why are you being so retarded when it comes to boys?! Put that "tough girl, I don't take shit from nobody" attitude back on!!!

Dear Followers; When I get to's giveaway time!! I love you all so much :)

<3 Jessica


The way I see it Thursday; (Link up)

Thursday morning blues or one day closer to freedom?

Today I decided to start my own link-up. I thought it would be interesting to see what people have to say about the way they "see it" If you'd like to link-up with me and do this as well, please add your link at the bottom!
Very easy, all you have to do is post a few things the way you "see them" 

The way I see it;

If you're unhappy with the way things are going, make changes. Don't expect people to change for you.

If you bail on plans and only have time for me when it's convenient for you.... I'll eliminate you.

Some people think I'm a bitch. not nice. WRONG. Truth is, some girls act like that so they don't get hurt, other girls are like that because they have been hurt.

Some people are put in your life to be positive, others are put in your life to be negative so you appreciate the positive ones.

A good morning doesn't start with a cup of coffee, it starts with a run and a heck of a lot of water.

If you're not willing to work for something, you don't deserve it.

How do you see things?

Thank you for linking up with me ladies <3 
Don't forget to add your link!


Accept it

Well folks, it's Wednesday. We have made it this far! 
I know you are probably all anticipating the details from my date with "boy" last night......
Well, it didn't happen. Sad, I know but that's life. He was busy all day running around trying to get things together for work since he was leaving this morning. Things were taking longer than expected, so plans started to change. Dinner and drinks was the original plan, then it was just drinks, and then it was going to be too late to do anything. He was very sweet about it though, he said sorry and he agreed that the next time he is in town (2 weeks from now) we could go for a mini road trip and hang out more than once while he's here. So not a total loss, hopefully he's still interested. 

The funny thing about girls is.....
We're crazy. Yesterday morning I woke up half an hour earlier than usual to do my hair, packed my make up (so I would look fresh when I saw him) and even brought a change of clothes with me. I'm glad boys don't see those little things we do to keep ourselves looking great haha! 

So... Now the question is "What the heck did you do last night?"
Typically, I would say I went to the gym, but that's not the case.
Truth is, I was bummed out. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks to see this guy I like, hope he still likes me when he comes back, and wonder if he's even interested. Brutal.
So I did what any normal person would do! Drank. 
Maybe not the smartest idea.... I ended up drinking more than my little body liked and I had to get a friend to come pick me up haha. 
Classy? Of course. At least I didn't drive right?

This is not a usual thing for me I swear, I actually don't drink very often.
Regardless, I made it into work today despite my actions last night!

Love ya'll
<3 Jessica


Sometimes & Always #21

Sometimes; I'm terrified to step out of my comfort zone
Always; I do because that's where magic happens and progress is made

Sometimes; People look at my dark hair and make up and tell me I look like I'm from Jersey Shore
Always; I take it as a compliment. Who doesn't want to look like a rock star or celebrity?

Sometimes; I hate being single
Always; I realize I'm a very busy girl and really don't have time for someone I'm not 100% on

Sometimes; I wish I was naturally really skinny
Always; I remember skinny is not sexy, healthy is

Sometimes; I get really excited about a new boy
Always; I try to keep my composure! 

Sometimes; You try to bring me down with you 
Always; I pick you up when you fall 

I hope you guys are enjoying the week! We are one day closer to the weekend already :)

BIG NEWS; This just in. 
As you may have seen from yesterday's post... I have a new love interest haha
"Boy" asked me out tonight :) 
Well technically he asked yesterday haha, but the date is tonight!
So dinner and drinks, and tomorrow all the details haha! 
Wish me luck ladies, he's going off to work (out of town) for 2 weeks tomorrow!

<3 Jessica 


Happy Eastaaaah

Good Morning my loves!
I hope you guys all had a great weekend, and I'm slightly jealous of those of you who have today off!

I got back from Victoria on Thursday night, and to my surprise I had a cute boy waiting for me in arrivals...
This was completely unexpected but cute none the less. 
Long story short: My cousins boyfriend, has been trying to set me up with his friend.... "Boy" and I have been texting for awhile now, and he was in town so he just showed up to the airport! We spent the evening laughing and drinking, and I have hopelessly fallen for his charming good looks. GRAND. Now I'm trying not to be the crazy 24/7 text queen, so far so good. Still not sure if another date is in my future, but let's cross our fingers just in case :)

On a lighter note, the rest of the weekend was sort of weird... hahah
This would include painting my truck (don't ask haha) lunch dates, drinking at 5pm, trying on random hats at a bar, and some "female entertainment" or strippers as I call them. Not too sure why I ended up at the strippers, but it did end up with me seeing a "friend" from highschool. When I say "friend" I really mean "Very popular girl that had more money than she knew what to do with, and I really didn't think she knew who I was" BUT she sure did on Saturday night when she was telling me I looked "hot" and hugging me as if I were her long lost sister. Random, I know. Still unsure of how I end up in these situations. 

Here is me... with the random hat on haha
Sunday was great, I had a photo shoot with an engaged couple (pictures to follow) and they are very excited for me to do their wedding photos in August! 

Mike and Mel's Engagement shoot!

They were just too cute for words!

I'm a sucker for Black and White!

She's not a model but she definitely could be :)

One of my faves :)

So there ya have it! My weekend, plus a few of the engagement photos I did yesterday! 

Happy Monday!

X's & O's 


Day 1 @ Audi School

Well folks, I'm through day 1 of training now!
It was absolutely amazing! 
As you can see by my last post, they put us up in a beautiful resort, and all the training has been here so far!

This morning we had class, followed by a break for snacks and then....a 3 course lunch!
Really? 3 Courses? We had options for what we wanted for each course, and it was TO DIE FOR!
I had:

Bruschetta with swiss cheese
Salad with pecans, apples, chicken, and a balsamic dressing
Blackberry Cheesecake

Really? This is work? I would come everyday to training haha
After this we had class for a bit longer, and then cocktails.... yes a cocktail hour midway through the afternoon! Then more classes and off at 4! 

We were then told to be at dinner at 7, another 3 course meal I would assume!
So we go up to our rooms to find gifts....
As if this whole trip wasn't a gift in itself!

We got:
Signed, leather bound notebooks
Audi Towel
Magazine (of your interest, which they had asked over the phone)
and snacks!

I must be dreaming if this is work, and to think... When I leave tomorrow night I have 3 days off!! 
Life is hard haha!

I hope you guys are enjoying your week!

Me being a dork haha


One of the pages in the book

Oh how cute, they signed it to me :)

The towel! Maybe a hint I need to shower?

Bottom of the book, so cute!

Hugs & Kisses
<3 Jessica


Welcome to Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

Well Folks I've arrived! I'm now in Victoria, British Columbia!

I don't have a ton of time for a post right now, my friend Paul is coming to pick me up for dinner and some wandering around in Vic! I did however want to show you guys how beautiful this place is! I am so very proud to work for my employer, and ever so grateful that they put us up in places like this for business trips! I will take more photos and fill you guys in on the trip more tomorrow :) 

Gorgeous view from in the bathroom

Me being a dork in the bathroom mirror!


Outside the shower

The Room

My Balcony

The Pool & Hot Tub

View from the Balcony

The room from the other side

Oh I love little details!

You can guess it, I'm ready for a nice in-suite Jacuzzi!!

I Hope you guys are all having a wonderful Tuesday! I love it out here in Victoria! Maybe I won't ever go home haha!

<3 Jessica


Dear Monday...

Dear Monday;

Thank you for gracing me with your beauty.....not!
Although it is nice out today, I am not loving this Monday just yet.
Thus, I bring you my Monday letters!

Dear customer: Thank you for ever so politely expressing that you do not wish to hear about your vehicle from me because I am of the female gender. The sad thing is, I know more about your stupid piece of junk car than you do. So thank you for reminding me yet again that evolution has not changed as much as we may think, and you'd like someone of the male species to contact you in regards to your car. P.S. You're an asshole a completely incompetent human being.

Dear Victoria: I am looking forward to coming to see you tomorrow! I cannot wait to enjoy that lovely jacuzzi tub!

Dear shin splints: Sorry I kicked your butt yesterday with my workout, but please don't penalize me for trying to whip you into shape!

Dear friends that overlook me: You're welcome for being there for you all the time. Don't worry about not including me in your plans or inviting me out. I had no problem eliminating you from my life!  It was actually a lot easier done than said! 

On a lighter note, my body is sure changing and I am LOVING the results!
I hope you guys all have a wicked awesome Monday! 

<3 Jessica


Livin the Goodlife!

I took this photo today (yes I edited it a little to stand out more) This was in paint on a bridge that we were walking over. The cool thing is, I have "Love the life you live...xo" tattooed on my left foot! So of course I thought this was pretty rad and had to snap a pic!

As requested by Ess, here is the pic of my tattoo!! 

Happy Sunday all you bloggers! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend and are ready to kill it (with kindness of course!) this week!

I had a great weekend!
Friday night, I went and hung out with my "French Connection" boys, they're all from Quebec and Montreal, hence why I call them my French Connection haha! We had fun, hung out drank beer, and chilled. Perfect night for great company!

Saturday I hit the gym as usual, no surprise there haha! Then I went for beers with a friend at Original Joe's which is a trendy little bar, with THE BEST beer ever! It's called "Blonde Lager" for all you Barbies (whom I love) You may not like beer, but hey! It's named after you <3
Then I went off to see my french boys again, and spent the night hanging out. 

Now I do have one small confession/rant! I had a friend, heck he was my best friend, his new/old girlfriend is back in the picture and of course she doesn't like me so he has now been banished to talk to me and he "hates" me. For what it's worth, I know he doesn't but girlfriends seem to have this super power.... I hate this. We have mutual friends whom I hang out with and I do not appreciate text messages telling me I'm not allowed to hang with my boys. Not cool bro. Get over yourself, and get rid of the dumb broad that is costing you friendships!

Sunday was a big day though! My bestie and I climbed the stairs at Memorial, up and down and up and down time and time again.... Kill me now, I'm still not sure how she got me to do that!! Memorial Stairs for all you bloggers not from here, are the biggest, longest, most heart throbbing stairs of my life. Basically its about 15 sets of stairs, multiply that by 10 times up and down, and you've got me.... pouring sweat and starving, with shin splints haha! It's all for health though right? My blog keeps my mind healthy, and working out keeps my body healthy. After the stairs, we ventured off downtown for a few hours (didn't realize we had walked 30+ blocks to find a nice place to eat haha) We had the best salads!! Spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, pecans, and a lovely dressing! Oh to die for! After that of course we had to find our way back to the stairs, and climb them one last time to get back to the car. I was so done by this time haha! Silly me decided to go tanning after that as well! 

All in all, it was a great weekend with great friends and very relaxed (other than those dang stairs!)