Nominated :)

Well this sure came as a surprise this morning! Ess from This is Ess nominated me for the "Most versatile blogger" award :) 
How freakin adorable is that!! She definitely made my Friday morning :)

So here were the rules;
Rules- Thank the person that nominated you with a link back.
- Tell 7 things about yourself.
- Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs & let them know that they received the award.

Now for the fun stuff haha :)
7 things about me....

1. I have 6 tattoos (it looks like 4 but 2 of them were added on to by different artists)
2. I have a new love interest... He's asked me to be his girlfriend (yesterday to be exact) This excites me and terrifies me at the same time
3. I'm training for a fitness competition in a few months and I love personal training
4. I'd rather go out with messy hair as long as my make up is done than go without make up
5. I love cars. I know more about cars, engines, torsion, displacement (all things you may not have any idea what they are) than most men
6. I love photography, I've modelled as well I own a wedding photography company :)
7. I'm terrified of lady bugs... don't ask I really don't know why, but they scare me to death! I can ride dirtbikes and motorcycles and yet I'm afraid of a silly little insect. So odd!

Now I need to nominate my fave bloggers :)

Jasmine @ La Bella Vita
Leanne @ Simply Beautiful
Bessie @ Bravoe Runway 
Chelsea @ Life is a Sunset
Chelsea @ Through Chelsea's eyes
Ashleigh @ Waking up in Vegas 
Mandy @ Barbie Girl
Ashley @ Absolutely Ashley
Sar @ Life of Love
The Management @ A Prince and Prozac

I love all your beautiful blogs!
Happy Friday Bloggers :)

<3 Jessica


  1. Congrats Jessica and thanks for the nomination! I was nominated for this award earlier in the week- it's under my awards page. I'll write something witty on there about winning it twice and throw in a link to your blog. Dealskis? :)

    1. Dealskis bro! I saw yours before haha but I just lve your blog!

  2. Very well deserved and I had no idea that you have 6 tattoos! Thank you Jessica for the nomination! I may be emailing you later this week for some photography tips :) I did buy that 50mm lens!

    1. Awe thanks Bessie! You're more than welcome to email me with questions!

  3. Congrats for the award! First time here and loving the blog - you really deserve the accolades! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  4. congrats on your award and new relationship!:)


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