Accept it

Well folks, it's Wednesday. We have made it this far! 
I know you are probably all anticipating the details from my date with "boy" last night......
Well, it didn't happen. Sad, I know but that's life. He was busy all day running around trying to get things together for work since he was leaving this morning. Things were taking longer than expected, so plans started to change. Dinner and drinks was the original plan, then it was just drinks, and then it was going to be too late to do anything. He was very sweet about it though, he said sorry and he agreed that the next time he is in town (2 weeks from now) we could go for a mini road trip and hang out more than once while he's here. So not a total loss, hopefully he's still interested. 

The funny thing about girls is.....
We're crazy. Yesterday morning I woke up half an hour earlier than usual to do my hair, packed my make up (so I would look fresh when I saw him) and even brought a change of clothes with me. I'm glad boys don't see those little things we do to keep ourselves looking great haha! 

So... Now the question is "What the heck did you do last night?"
Typically, I would say I went to the gym, but that's not the case.
Truth is, I was bummed out. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks to see this guy I like, hope he still likes me when he comes back, and wonder if he's even interested. Brutal.
So I did what any normal person would do! Drank. 
Maybe not the smartest idea.... I ended up drinking more than my little body liked and I had to get a friend to come pick me up haha. 
Classy? Of course. At least I didn't drive right?

This is not a usual thing for me I swear, I actually don't drink very often.
Regardless, I made it into work today despite my actions last night!

Love ya'll
<3 Jessica


  1. LOL@drank!
    silly girl!
    oh well, life is meant to have fun sometimes for no other reason then to have no reason at all!

    1. Oh I totally agree! I had a little too much fun for a week night though haha

  2. Take that ass to the gym!!! lol. you stress way too much. He doesnt like you when he gets back ffffuuu2929292 him... lol. you hot. =)

    1. Oh how I love when you comment haha!
      I feel like we would be hilarious friends in the "real life" LOL

    2. I agree! haha. glad you like my

  3. Too bad about the delay in your date with the boy, but it will work out fine.

    Funny about the drinking, too. Glad you're feeling well enough to work today!

    1. Oh I'm definitely not feeling great haha
      but I can't be missing work for being stupid lol

  4. Too bad about your date, but the date Roadtrip in two weeks sounds like a lot of fun!

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. oh yeah! I'm excited hopefully it happens haha

  5. Oh how I don't miss dating! I mean, there are some wonderful parts- firsts, newness and butterflies (Oh, and free dinner woohoo!), but I'm happy to have found my Prince Charming. I hope that when he comes back he makes time for you! (He'd be an idiot not to) If that boy doesn't make time for you, then move on! You'll either a-find someone else or b-make him jealous ;) I don't believe in crazy jealousy, but a little nudge never hurts!


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