Friday's Letters

The weekend is hours away! I can't wait! 
Today has been splendid already as I got a nice bonus at work :)
May have to do a little shopping this weekend hehe! 

I love Fridays for obvious reasons, but also because I love Friday's Letters with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Tanning Salon; I know you're bad for me but you just feel so dang nice and I love not being pasty.

Dear Ma & Pa; I'm glad you made it home from Mexico safe and sound! I'm looking forward to our Sunday dinner at your place this weekend.

Dear Toyota Driver; The roads are slushy, no need to drive halfway on the shoulder and hydroplane every vehicle passing you. Do you even have a license?

Dear Girls/Old friends; You deleted me off of facebook, talk poorly about me but when you run into me in a tanning salon you act all nice? Hmmm I hope you didn't see my judging eyes. I will admit, you looked better on facebook/30lbs slimmer. Shitty deal yo! 

Dear Coffee; I love you with all my heart and soul, but I have a feeling this may be the end of our love. You're oh so sweet and such a delight, but my behind does not need to get any bigger.

Dear Quarterly Bonus; I LOVE YOU! I got half today, and I will receive the other half next pay day. My Visa is looking pretty good, we may be able to treat ourselves to something nice :)

Dear N; Thanks for the dinner dates, tanning, slurpees, laughs, and randomness this week. I love ya!

Dear "Boy"; You've been gone since Wednesday, I miss you secretly. When you come home please take me out :) (I'm way too excited about you, and I'm more than likely setting myself up for disappointment, I know)

Dear Ego; Why are you being so retarded when it comes to boys?! Put that "tough girl, I don't take shit from nobody" attitude back on!!!

Dear Followers; When I get to's giveaway time!! I love you all so much :)

<3 Jessica


  1. I've just started going back to the tanning bed this year as well! Can't helpt it ;)

  2. Yay to a bonus! Dont spend it in one place:P

    Some girls can be a drag sometimes:/

    1. Oh you'll see what I spent it on haha

  3. I *heart* Friday letters!! And don't worry about the yucky girls. Like I told a friend yesterday, people talk crap about me have small minds and hate themselves and that's the only way they know how to deal. Sucks to be them. ;)

    Have a great weekend love!

    1. You're too sweet! I wish we were friends in real life

  4. Ditto on the ego one- you're awesome.

  5. hahaaaa. Love this one. Dont you just love running into those retarded females. its like seriously dude you can stop. Its faker than a Prada bag on sale 1/2 price at Target. Your not fooling anyone!

    1. I always buy my Prada from Target..... JUST KIDDING HAHAHA

  6. Screw those girls! They're just jealous ;) Don't ever be afraid to be open to love...that's the only way it will find you!

    1. Oh I'm always afraid of love!
      I wish I weren't but it scares me!


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