Dear Monday...

Dear Monday;

Thank you for gracing me with your beauty.....not!
Although it is nice out today, I am not loving this Monday just yet.
Thus, I bring you my Monday letters!

Dear customer: Thank you for ever so politely expressing that you do not wish to hear about your vehicle from me because I am of the female gender. The sad thing is, I know more about your stupid piece of junk car than you do. So thank you for reminding me yet again that evolution has not changed as much as we may think, and you'd like someone of the male species to contact you in regards to your car. P.S. You're an asshole a completely incompetent human being.

Dear Victoria: I am looking forward to coming to see you tomorrow! I cannot wait to enjoy that lovely jacuzzi tub!

Dear shin splints: Sorry I kicked your butt yesterday with my workout, but please don't penalize me for trying to whip you into shape!

Dear friends that overlook me: You're welcome for being there for you all the time. Don't worry about not including me in your plans or inviting me out. I had no problem eliminating you from my life!  It was actually a lot easier done than said! 

On a lighter note, my body is sure changing and I am LOVING the results!
I hope you guys all have a wicked awesome Monday! 

<3 Jessica

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