Life in the fast lane...xo

Life in the fast lane; and it's a one way road.

Monday has bestowed itself upon us once again! This week however I have to work Saturday as well. So this one will be a long one! I'm actually alright with that though. This means I can't go out Friday night, and I'll avoid drinking plus I'll probably make it to the gym every day! God must have known I drank my face off this past weekend. We will not be doing that again anytime soon!

For all of you lovelies that follow my blog on the regular you know I got a bonus last week..... and those of you who know me in real life know that it burned a hole in my pocket within minutes. This resulted in new Prada shoes! My oh my they are beautiful!! I wore them out on Friday night, and if you own Prada you know nothing compares the to smell of the leather or the feeling of the shoes :)
Of course I will post a pic for you guys later, I just happen to be at work at the moment (Clearly working way too hard!) 

This weekend I also found out my twin (bestie) is moving away :(
Very proud of her for taking the steps to make her life better, but of course absolutely distraught about being without her. Recently I've found myself friend-less... I've been getting rid of those "fake" people and surrounding myself with people I love. I'd rather have a few very close friends than 800 "friends" 

How did your weekends all go?

<3 Jessica


  1. Can't wait to see the shoes! Sorry that you have a long week ahead!

  2. Good job surrounding yourself with the important ones, love! It's a difficult, but extremely important fact of life. The ones who know you and put time into you are worth every second of your time!


  3. Aww..I'm sorry that your friend is leaving :( My bestie lives across the country from me, so I totally understand!


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