Dear 15 year old me:

Dear 15 year old Jessica: 

You are smart, beautiful, and you have so much to look forward to. 

Life is short, don't let it pass you by. Slow down, stop taking the fast lane and be ware of your surroundings. Not everyone is good. You need to stop thinking people are like this. I know you need to learn the hard way, so learn the lesson the first time. Please don't let people take advantage of you, treat them as they treat you and stop trying to please everyone.

Junior high wasn't that fun, hell it was a battle and a half, You got through it, you can get through the last few years too. You're not going to be perfect at every subject. you will fight with friends, and there will be some nasty rumours spread about you. Get over it, the world is not going to end just relax. If you need to punch that girl in the face, I give you full permission. 

Slow down. Think about what you really want in life before you jump into any big commitments. I know you want this right now, but maybe don't rush it. You won't regret your decision, just learn every lesson you can while you have the opportunity. 

Things are going to go really really good for a few years, watch out though. It may all seem like its coming up roses, don't forget to watch for thorns. Be prepared for the worst.You will have it all, and you will lose it all. When you reach that breaking point, smile. You're going to have to put on this "smile" for a few years. Yes, years. Start from square one, work your way up and before you know it you will be back on your feet. 

These are the years when you will realize your true colors as well as your true friends. Watch, learn, listen, and experience all that you can so you can make your judgements correctly. No one told you how rough these years were going to be, and no one will truly understand. Don't blame people for not understanding and not knowing how to help you. They really don't get it, and they aren't going to. 

It's going to seem like the world is ending, nothing is going right and you're completely lost. That's okay. Take time for yourself, relax and think before you act. It's going to take time to get to where you want to be. 
You will get there though, I promise.

Friends. Chose them wisely. The ones you think you should keep are not the ones you need to. If someone does you wrong, forgive them, if they do you wrong again, forget them. End of story, stop giving in. 

Stop chasing boys, let them chase you. I'll let you in on a little secret.... Don't be upset with the first few that don't go so well, they didn't treat you right. There is a man out there for you. He is very special, and amazing and you need to realize this when you run into him. Give him a chance. He will come into your life when you don't expect it, and about the same time you think you're good all on your own. He will make it better. 

All those stupid jobs, those will get better too. You'll settle down with a career you love. Be creative, you always were artistic. This will help you in the future immensely. Pick up the camera!!! You need to do this. Must do. 

Dear 15 year old Jessica. Have fun, laugh, love, stay up too late, and enjoy the best parts of being young. You have the rest of your life to grow up. 

Ps. Here's me when I was 15.... 

Oh too funny hahaha!

Love love love 


And then things got romantic...

By romantic, I mean we made dinner together. 
How adorable is that though?

I'll tell you how cute it is. 
D is going to school to be a professional Chef. I am not. 
So when I try and help with cutting or cooking, or well anything in the kitchen it doesn't work so well. 
I don't cut fast enough, and I always get in the way haha. 

Last night we decided to make stuffed chicken breasts. They were amazing. Hands down. 
We sautéed mushrooms, garlic, onions, and spices finely chopped. Next we butterfly the chicken and fill the inside, fold together and wrap with bacon, secured with toothpicks. After this we coat the chicken using eggs and breadcrumbs, and pan sear the outside. Lastly, we baked them for about 30 minutes to cook them through. We also made Basmati rice with a little olive oil, dill, garlic, and some leftover chicken pieces we had. Overall, this meal was superb! By the way, when I say "we" made it, I really mean D made it and I handed him beers and wrapped the chicken up... haha 


Happy Thursday :)


For the love of... love

Happy Tuesday Ladies :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

As you all know, D came home on friday!
From the moment I picked him up at the airport until last night we were inseparable :)
I was so nervous and anxious as I was waiting in arrivals, his flight from Germany was late coming in, and my nerves were really getting to me. Then I saw his smile, and I knew that waiting 10 weeks was the best decision of my life. It was completely worth it.

My birthday happens to fall on Labour day weekend, yes my Mom went into labour on labour day haha and I am reminded of it every year at this time. D, my Mom and I went out for a very fancy dinner on Saturday. We had a few drinks, nice steak, and of course my Dad sent flowers (He's on his annual 1 week long golf trip with the boys)

D came home with many gifts, which he did not need to but they were of course beautiful and appreciated!
The first being a gold chain with a Croatian pendant on it, I LOVE this, I had mentioned a while ago I wanted something Croatian. The second was a gorgeous silver necklace with a heart pendant and Swarovski crystals :) Gorgeous as well! His parents also sent a Swarovski bracelet home with him to give to me on my birthday. The bracelet is stunning, and so thoughtful of his parents! I should probably take some photos to show you guys :)

The rest of the weekend we spent together, with some friends, out for drinks or out for dinner. Lots of laughs, wine, and love was shared. I am so lucky to have D in my life and so thankful :)

I woke up to a text this morning suggesting he come and help me grocery shop and then we cook dinner together, adorable! I love this boy <3

Love all ya ladies!

xoxo J