Halloween Gaga Stylez.

Me aka. Lady Gaga

Well ladies, there ya have it! My attempt at being Lady Gaga! My no-cost costume, I only used my own clothes and accessories! The wig is from a previous costume 2 years ago :)

My friend Glenn and I

Happy Haunting!



Guess whose back!

Well well well, I finally decided to come back....again. 
I must admit, sometimes I'm all about blogging and other times I just can't get into it. I run out of words, or I feel like my life is just boring. Sometimes day to day things are pretty lame. 

Nonetheless I have been following everyone else haha, although I don't always post, I always read :)

So what's new with me?
Well D and I are sort of living together.... This is unofficial information and who knows if we will move in. Regardless, he spends his time with me at my condo. D is back working, cooking of course and as for me, well work is swamped!!  I thought wedding season was over and all of a sudden I was getting booked for other events and weddings. Don't get me wrong, the money is great, but I was looking forward to a break. 

I'm back at the gym, hitting it hard. I must say I missed it. I love the gym, I love fitness and I love to see my body change. If I ever leave the business I am in I want to be a personal trainer for sure. 

Part of me is done with this city, I want out. I recognize that I am one of few "born and raised" here but I want out. I want to experience living somewhere different, new people and new things to see. Just get me outta here, at least for a little!

So although, I don't blog daily....
I do instagram daily! If you want to see what life looks like from my perspective follow me :)


Love & Light