Waking up in Vegas....

Good Morning My Loves!
My post today is dedicated to Vegas! 

Last year my friend won a trip to Vegas from one of the bars here in Calgary.
The sweetheart Cassandra is, she asked me to go with her!
Funny thing is... They called the trip "A one night stand in Vegas"
So for a few weeks, people won these trips, and we all went in a big group! We didn't have to stay with the group at all, and for the most part we didn't but we ran into everyone inside the first nightclub where we had VIP Bottle Service! 

We had 35 hours total in Vegas, from when the flight landed to when we got back on.

This about sums up the trip for you guys.....
35 hours in Vegas, Bottle service, VIP in The Bank nightclub, PURE Nightclub, Meeting and partying with Pauly D, Serending Gondola rides, Shopping, Major Booze, Blackjack, Finding Doug, Laughing until we cry, Wedding Chapels, Ambulances, Almost getting kicked out of a club, I have NO idea how we managed to do it all!!

And of course a few photos!

Left photo; Me in front of Caesar's Palace (Where we stayed)
Right photo; Myself and Cassandra in PURE Nightclub!

This would be us AFTER leaving the night club....
Funny thing is, the next day we found out that was the same elevator they filmed scene's of "The Hangover" in!

The morning after.... Yes we actually went on a Gondola ride hahah
Monsieur boat dude really did sing as well!

Well, there ya have it! my 35 hours in Vegas! We managed to do a ton while we there, it helped that I had been a few times before so I knew what Cassandra would want to see on her first visit to Sin City! Yes I caused some trouble, so this year we will see what happens in Cancun.....uh oh!

Lots of Love
xXx Jessica


  1. Love want need to go Vegas !!!!!!! I went back in november and am planning this year already xxx

  2. Vegas and Gondola. Looks like you are having an amazing vaca. I would love to go to Vegas one day.

    Great pictures.

    I found you through the blog hop. I am now your newest follower.

  3. these photos are great! I went to vegas a long time ago and miss it so!

    Stumbled upon your blog through blog-hop - greatest way to connect to bloggers ever! Let's keep in contact. I am following, Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, Thanks!

  4. You have an amazing blog! I just followed! and i was wondering if you could check out my blog and follow. If you do follow then please enter in my giveaway

  5. love the peach skirt! found your blog through bloghop! its so amazing discovering so many blogs from around the world! btw im from australia!

    The Ugly Moments

    1. oh my gosh im so sorry dunno why i said peach skirt lol i was thinking sequins dress and peach came out??? lol

  6. Oh you're all beautiful :)
    If you want to read my blog there are a small flag on the side ^ ^

  7. What a sweet friend! And how cool...I think 35 hours in Vegas is plenty. It looks as though you certainly made the most of it! :-)
    Just found your beautiful blog!
    XO - Marion

  8. I LOVE Vegas! It's one of my favorite places to visit and so glad you got to take the gondola ride in the Venetian! Visiting from the blog hop and hope you'll stop by and would you be interested in following each other?


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