Cupid's Chokehold

Valentines Day;

Love is in the air! Well, for some people it is. For others its a day to sit around and glum about the single life.
I can proudly say, I am single and I love it!

I will not be enjoying a pity party this year, and I hope for you other single ladies you won't either! This Hallmark holiday is a celebration for lovers, that being said.... How many of these lovers actually know where Valentines Day originated? 

I can guess not many. Long before we were around, there were actually 2 Valentines that were honored on this day in history! No romantic elements were present in this day when it was originated. By the time St.Valentine was linked to romance, the story of the two martyrs (Valentine of Rome & Valentine of Terni) was long forgotten.

I won't go into huge detail about history haha, don't worry! If you are single and sad on Valentines day though, just remember its a "Hallmark Holiday" and it was never intended on being linked to love! 

On the other hand, if you are in a lovely relationship, why not take the day to celebrate your love! Might as well pick this one to embrace your love for one another! 

Love and Kisses 
xxx Jessica 


  1. Ah love this! It is a Hallmark holiday but I love it anyway. Always have, always will :)

    1. I like the day as well haha!
      Although I never seem to have a Valentine, but its never bothered me!

  2. This is great!! Hallmark and other stores have turned it into a crazy day for people to stress. Just enjoy it and have fun!! Love should be everyday though :) x


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