Ain't that what ya came for?

Wow. What a weekend, that's all i can say.

I spent a good portion of it with my mama, oh how i adore her <3 
We went for lunch yesterday, and then thrifting. Somehow I ended up with 2 books on make up, very interesting techniques! Love them!

Last night was a disaster though....
I won't go too far into detail about my life, but the short version is interesting haha!
If you have any guy friends (which most of mine are) you will understand what it's like when they get a new girlfriend (or an old one comes back for that matter)
Anyways, I guess according to her I shouldn't be around, and she's taking over. 
I asked her how her arms didn't fall off carrying so much BAGGAGE around all the time...

Alright, I didn't say that to her, hindsight is always 20/20 though right?
Some girls are crazy, I hope you ladies aren't like that!

Today was good though, I met my mama for breakfast and she got me a new vanity to do my make up at :) 
Yes, I will post pics! As soon as I have it all organized! It's very cute, antique, love love love it!

Back to to grind tomorrow, I'll be settling in with a tea and reading all your lovely blogs :)

Hope you girlies had great weekends

xxx Jessica


  1. Thanks for your comment & following! I'm now following back :)

  2. I'm crazy happy that you had a chance to spend some time with your mom! Very nicely written post, great job!

  3. Glad you had fun with your mom, that's wonderful xx


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