Good Morning and Happy Valentines Day my lovelies!
I hope this day is exactly what you wanted it to be!
Whether you're in love or single, or you don't celebrate today, I hope its beautiful!

For me, today is just Tuesday haha! Work, working out, and the usual stuff, and that is just fine with me!

Although, I will admit I liked my mama's text to say Happy V Day this morning, since she's all the way in Vancouver this week <3 

If you're single, let me remind you that this is a Hallmark Holiday, Valentines day was never originated based on love or chocolates or heart shaped anything for that matter! So no need to be sad girlies!

I will also admit I look forward to reading all the Facebook status' today about how people are "Forever alone" or "this is the worst day ever" hahah, so over dramatic!

Love the life you live...xo


  1. Haha totally agree that it's a Hallmark holiday! Its my excuse to go way over the top with lovey things for my man, but if I was single I'd be baking for myself and buying my own Valentine's gift. It's about hearts, candy and pink and red.. not being in a relationship. People are far too dramatic about being single today.

  2. I really like this post. Its important to remember that coupled or not this is a very commercialized day. But cute. lol Love the blog.
    New follower


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