Sun up to sun down

Hola Ladies!
Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!
I spent yesterday in Canmore, which is a town in the mountains about an hour away from where I live.
I was photographing for a wedding, so I thought I would show you guys the first few photos I have ready :)

Hope ya'll like em!

xxx Jessica


  1. Stunning photographs, the last one is my favourite! Thank you for following my blog, it means a lot!

    Love your leopard print background, now following xxx

  2. Thank you so much ladies!

    xXx Jessica

  3. beautiful pictures. thanks for the comment on my blog. i am a new follower of yours. happy tuesday!

  4. These pictures are beautiful I found you through blog hop and followed you straight away. If you get time please come and visit my blog and say hi.

    B xxx


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