Life; It goes on

Everything happens for a reason. 
If this is so true, then I would absolutely die to figure out what the reasoning is behind this. 

I won't go into too much detail, or mention names for that matter.
I just feel betrayed, like you picked her over me. 
Your best friend, over someone that has hurt you in the past and will most certainly hurt you again. 

Why you place the blame on me, when you know it isn't my fault. 
Why you let her control your emotions and your actions, but still talk to me to reassure yourself. 
This is all a big news flash. 

I'm one to stand my own ground, say what I feel, and do what I feel is right. 
If cutting you out is what's best, that is what I will do. 
I won't let you bring me down with you. 
I will however be there. I will be there when she breaks your heart, like she has before. 
I will be there when you don't know where else to turn, or what else to do.
Until then, I won't be around.

I can't watch you do this to yourself, all I can do is wait for you to realize you're doing it. 
I will be there. That's what real friends are for. Even though right now, you aren't one.
I will be. 

Je t'aime 

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