Happy Friday

Good Morning Ladies!

I hope you guys have made it through the week! I feel as though I am coming down with a cold, and this is NOT the time for that!

This is a busy weekend for me, I have a wedding tomorrow, and 2 meetings on Sunday with prospective clients! Hopefully all goes well, and they book :)

Tonight will be pretty tame for this rockstar, no parties or going out :(
I will be at home preparing all my camera gear for tomorrow and ensuring I have everything in order.

Maybe I'll do a post for you guys as well, I still have to share all my sample goodies from Estee Lauder and Clinique :)

Also; BIG NEWS! 
I've been asked to model again this year for the "Export A" show :)
For all of you that don't know what Export A is, its a cigarette brand in Canada . 
Each year they host an event for people in the night life industry (all the owners of nightclubs and bars and such) I modelled for them last year, and I have been requested by the president of Export A himself :)
I may have done some elbow rubbing last year when I met him.... hahah!
So that makes me one very excited girl, and also very busy!
I've managed to cram my schedule packed up until I leave for Cancun 

Lots of Love

xxx Jessica

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  1. sounds very eventful! also vry cool. good luck with the booking!


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