Good case of the "Monday's"

It's that time again! Monday morning!
We all love to hate this dreaded day of the week.
Not me though! 
Monday's mean a whole new start of the week, a new start to the work out week, and looking forward to new things to come!

In the last few months I have realized who my true friends really are, I cut quite a few people out, and I will never look back. I don't need people who bring me down, or swamp my life with their drama. Life has never been better :)

Today's schedule includes; work, working out, tanning, and then a short trip to the grocery store!

After this weekend, the events that incurred have made me realize something.

People only rain on your parade because they're jealous of your sun and tired of their shade xo

Love you all!
Happy Monday!

xxx Jessica


  1. Hope you have a great Monday & week to follow!! xx

  2. Adorable blog and good advice. (:

    Check out my blog? (:


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