Weekend in a nutshell

Good morning my dears!
I hope you guys all had a good weekend! 

This weekend went by so quick! I shopped, got my nails done, went out with the girls, drank a little too much hehe. Overall it was good though! I will be kicking butt in the gym this week and for the following 13 days until I leave for Cancun! 

Here are a few of the things that I purchased :)

Earrings from Forever 21

Skirt from Bootlegger 

Also, not shown (photos are at home hehe) 

I got glow in the dark polish from Forever 21 (Coral color)
New bikini top from Victoria's Secret (Floral print)
Cute journal I found on sale at Chapters
and of course 3 new pairs of lace panties from Victoria's Secret ( I have a slight obsession!)

I will post more photos later on for you ladies! I wore the leopard print skirt out on Saturday night, and it was a huge hit! Everyone thought I looked fabulous and edgy! (Paired with grey knee high boots, black v-cut tank, off white leather jacket, and the arrow head earrings in the photo above!)

Happy Monday girls! 

Hugs & Kisses

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