For all you photographer and photo lovers alike, here are some photos from my latest sessions :)

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Life really works in mysterious ways. I'm seeing things in a new perspective and I can't decide if it's good or bad. I've been doing very well as of late, got promoted, bought a new Lexus, business boomed with my photography, and I opened an online store so you can conveniently order every basic necessity and have it delivered to your door. So now I must question myself as to why this just doesn't seem to cut it. 

How can someone so young but so successful feel as if there has got to be more to life? This my friends is what my post is all about. 

I don't care if you live down the street from me or across the world, everyone at some point will feel this way. It's a catch 22, you think when you finally achieve the goals you've set you'll feel so amazing. That is, until you get there. Now you've set even higher goals because the ones you made before are already attained and it just goes on and on in a cycle. I am here to say I am ending this cycle. We as people need time to stop and really take in the things that happen in life. If we don't do this we lose gratitude and appreciation for the small things that really matter.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller. 

That being said, I am here to stop and look around. I can honestly say I am happy with life and focused on just myself for now :) I hope you guys can too!

Take a break, relax, drink a tea, do what you want to do instead of what you have to do for once. The only thing you have to do in life is die, the rest is up to you. 

Beautiful girl from my photo shoot last weekend



Light up lip gloss; my all time fave gloss!

Alright ladies, I am not usually the one to boast or chat about my fave lip gloss because to be honest I am not a huge lip gloss girl. I could never find one that wasn't either too sticky or made my lips dry and cracked. This however was a life changer! Truly amazing!

Artistry's light up lip gloss. 
As if it weren't enough that the lip gloss is amazing, glides on smoothly, stays on, and is not sticky. They topped it off my adding a mirror and small lights so you can apply this stuff anywhere!

Plus is comes in a variety of shades, and.....
drum roll please.........

Miss America Endorses it! Oh and Kathie Lee too :) 

Yes, you heard me right. Miss America herself and many contestants use and love this gloss! 

The bonus is you can get it from me :) Along with a lot more makeup!

The store has everything Walmart/Target has and more! From toilet paper, toothpaste, makeup, lotions, office supplies etc to my partner stores including Disney, Bass Pro Shops, Sears and many more! 

If anyone wants anything at all in the store I am offering 10% off, so let me know when your cart is ready and I will discount your items )

Would love it if you guys checked it out :)