I've been tagged!

Well ladies, its finally happened.....
I've been tagged! The lovely Cami from
tagged me in her post, so I've been summoned to answer 11 things about myself, and.....tag 11 more of you! 
Here are my answers!

1. What is your best character trait?
I'd have to say my personality! I seem to have a way with words, and I've been told I'm very funny and easy going! 
All around I'm just a solid girl haha!

2. Who is the most important person to you?
This one is a toss up, My parents of course are very important to me. Other than them though, my friend Nicole. She's always there to listen, and give advice and even when we're not thrilled with one another we still love each other <3 

3. Makeup or Jewelry?
For sure Makeup! I can't live without it, I love jewelry as well, but I tend to put that second!

4. What is your least favorite food?
Onions! I hate them, I won't eat anything that's been cooked with them, or that's come anywhere near one!

5. What is your favorite store?
Makeup- MAC
Clothes - Forever 21

6. What is your most expensive makeup item?
This one I honestly have no idea haha! Everything from Estee Lauder probably, or I have an anniversary YSL Eyeshadow (that I have never used because it looks too pretty!)

7. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog for me! I love to write, and I like the feeling that I get when I know someone else in the world could possibly stumble upon my blog, and read how I feel. I also love all you ladies and your amazing comments and opinions!

8. Would you rather get a facial or your makeup done?
Facial! Until recently, I had never let anyone do my makeup and honestly, I like to do it myself! It just doesn't feel the same when someone else does it!

9. What is your favorite thing about spring?
Well, where I live... it means I can put the UGG boots away and rock some cute flip flops and skirts!!
It's cold here 8 months of the year haha!

10. What is your favorite color?
Hot Pink!!

11. What is one word that you always say? 
I really don't know how it came about, but whenever something exciting happens I always say "Legit??"

Alright, so now its my turn to tag 11 of you guys! 
Here are my tags!

Alright Ladies, here are your questions!

1. If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be?
2. With unlimited money, which store would you go to first?
3. Who is the most influential person in your life, and why?
4. What is your favorite article of clothing you own?
5. Favorite color?
6. On a typical friday night, where are your friends most likely to find you?
7. Why did you start your blog?
8. What is your dream job?
9.What is one thing you want to do before you die?
10. Who is your celebrity crush?
11. Where do you live, and were you born there?
Hopefully you guys have time to do my tag!
I love all of your blogs, and I read them daily! 

Love you all! 
XxX Jessica


  1. great post love! great questions too!
    i'll have to do this sometime this week <333

  2. Lovely post! I love all your answers!
    I will absolutely answer all these questions for Wednesday!

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Eeek I'm excited you're going to do it as well!

  3. Thank you for the tag! I always love reading more about other bloggers, and I agree a lot of the YSL cosmetics look too nice to be used :)

    1. They definitely are! They're too pretty!

  4. I will be answering your questions this week!!! Thanks for tagging!! I love your blog so much! :)

    1. Awe thank you!
      Thats a huge compliment I love reading your blog!

  5. Hello my lovely! Thank you for thinking of me! You are amazing! Could you email me directly, pretty please? I can't seem to find your email address on here. Thanks doll!

  6. Thanks for tagging, doing it right now =D

  7. Awwww!!! So glad you tagged me :)
    Let's be friends for a long time.
    I'll defo do it this week!!

  8. I know what you mean about putting your make up on first then jewellery, that's a trick decision to make! xxxx

    1. Totally right? If im running short on time, i'll definitely skip the fancy necklace for my make up!
      I always wear the same ring and bracelet from Tiffany's anyways! They're staples!


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