Journey Forward {7}

It's Thursday! Which means it's time to link-up with Chelsea from Life is a Sunset
for our Journey Forward!

Today's Journey is about the person who is our Role Model. I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I had a very hard time picking just one. At the end of the day, I actually picked my friend Morgan!

She has been through a lot in her life and she never stops amazing me. Morgan and I have known each other since high school, we weren't the best of friends there, but we chatted and after graduation we started to become close. 

The reason we weren't close in high school was because we were into different things. She was the party girl, and I was the girl that worked and had the same boyfriend for 5 years. Totally different pages, but when we had a class together we always chatted and hung out. 

After school ended she was in a long term relationship, and I had just gotten out of mine. We started talking a lot and I realized she was going through a lot of the things I had gone through, in terms of boys and marriage and life in general. 

Morgan has been through hell and high water in the last few years, with car accidents, gaining some unwanted "relationship weight" (You know the kind, when you just get a little TOO comfortable), other boys, jobs (she changed careers a few times) and a hectic family. The thing about her though, is she's always smiling, always has kind words to say, and always looks out for her friends. 

She moved into my apartment with me when she was going through some of this, we had a blast! She taught me how to eat right, train better, and got me on a much better routine. She was always there to talk to and always there to lend a hand!

Now we live nearby, I see her everyday at the gym and we have never been closer. She's done so well with her training, she's going to be a certified personal trainer, she has her life on track, boys in order, a pretty smile on her face, and she's the most positive person I know :)

So this is for you Morgan! I love ya to death girlfriend :)

Morgan and I last year (Yeah I had short hair... not a fan!)

<3 Jessica 


  1. I'm still friends with people I met in high school and I love having them in my life. It sounds like your friend is an awesome role model!

  2. This is so sweet. I'm excited that I get to see my high school BF this weekend AND be home for her birthday!


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