What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday's; Half way through the week? Or halfway into your goals?

What I'm LOVING this Wednesday;

Motivation; I love that I have continued to kick my butt into shape, do that extra 10 minutes on the stairs, and train until I'm literally pouring sweat.

Travels/Work; I love that my employer is sending me to Victoria for 3 days next week for training. It helps that they put us up in a beautiful ocean front resort and spa!

Jersey Shore; I used to hate this show with a passion. Since it's not a big deal any more, I actually like watching the old episodes on-line. It's entertaining to see how ridiculous they are.

Life; I love all of it right now, I'm in a good place with good goals and aspirations and things seem to be falling into place, slowly but surely. 

New Beginnings; All the new changes to come in the next month are exciting, don't worry I will keep you all posted with details soon enough :)

Myself; I love me! I love the changes I'm seeing and how I have accepted myself for who I am, and I couldn't care less about those that don't matter!

What are you guys loving today?

<3 Jessica


  1. Great post, so positive and full of wit & humour! You sound like such a lovely person in all your posts!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. i lovw that you love yourself! LOL


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