Good Morning fellow bloggers! 
Happy Wednesday, Hump Day, Middle of the week!

Today I thought I would blog about changes! 
I tend not to get TOO personal on here, but when I really got down to thinking about why I didn't have a valid reason. Now that's not to say I'll be giving you guys my phone number and address haha! 

Regardless, there are a few things you guys don't know about me... 
1. I got married when I was 18 
2. His family was famous....Famous in Calgary any ways.
3. I got divorced when I was 19
4. I've struggled to get back on my feet since then

Long story short. We were together for 5 years, and when it was over, I was left with nothing. 
When I say nothing, I mean literally the shirt on my back. 
For a few years I bounced between jobs, and boyfriends (If you even want to call them that, most were awful!)
Now, I've found myself with a good career, lots of positive things, and lots of goals and aspirations! 
If it weren't for a select few, I would have been terribly lost. For those people, I am forever grateful.
It's situations like this that really make you realize who your true friends are. Believe it or not, most "friends" from back then are LONG gone, and I wish them all the best, but have no interest in keeping in touch. 

So! Now that you've all been clued in... 
The changes! 
My body is one of course, but it's always changing! In a good way!
I may be relocating... within my city of course. Closer to work, and well living like a princess. 
We will see if all my plans go through or not! 
This plan also includes a fur baby!! So I'm really hoping it all goes well!
2012 just might be a great year for me! 

I hope you all enjoy your day, and I look forward to reading all about your changes!

Hugs & Kisses from Canada

xxx Jessica


  1. Thats very interesting. Sometimes it takes a hard fall to rise again. The point is that you didnt let yourself stay down.Granted you havent found your mate yet...but here is one of my favorite quotes from se and the city...

    “Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.” Sex & the City

    As for the friends who are not around anymore. Excuse my language please but.. "What they eat dont make you shit".. eff em. They werent real friends anyways. and thats ok.

    1. I love your comments! Always so refreshing!
      The funny thing is... Everyone always calls me "trouble" or the "crazy" girl. I really can't be tamed! Somewhere, someday, someone will be able to keep up with my crazy life though!

      And yes! Eff the old "friends"!

  2. aw jess that's so sad to read :( i'm really sorry that your marriage didn't work out! i honestly rememeber being back in highschool and seeing you guys together and i was SO jealous that you had found love. i had never seen two people so in love before and i had often wished that one day i would find the same thing. when i saw your wedding photos i was so ecstatic and happy for you guys! i'm truly sorry that you had to go through so much through the divorce :(

  3. Awe, thank you Jasmine. That means a lot to me.
    Sometimes I think about it too, and how life used to be, how in love we were, but then i remember why it all fell apart. I'm thankful for everything I have, and all the lessons I learned over time. It's not always easy, but as long as you remember God has a different plan for you, i know i'll be just fine.


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