Weekend at a glance

Good morning my love's!
I hope you all had a great weekend, I enjoy reading your blogs on Monday's to see how much trouble you guys got into :)

My weekend went pretty well! 
Friday night I went to FINALLY see the boy I mentioned in a previous post....
That went well, got to wear my new bikini in the hot tub and we watched movies :)
It was a bit of a trek to go see him, as he was staying out of town, but it was fun!

Saturday I went to the gym, and bummed around my house. I started watching this MTV show "Caged" it's actually better than I thought it would be! I won't lie I totally watched 5 episodes on Saturday night haha. I had decided to take it easy and relax so I stayed home that night. 

Sunday was pretty normal, I went with a friend to get our make-up done for fun, and I did my Lancome pre-order hehe. I love gift with purchase time, I get new products and I get nice gifts! When I pick it up, I will post pictures :)

As usual, every Sunday I go see my parents for dinner. I edited to remaining wedding photos I had to do, and spent the afternoon with Ma and Pa. Of course I got all these lectures about going to Mexico, and what to beware of haha! Dad even filled me in on a CIA trick he learned! He says "If you see the same person 3 times in different places, they are following you. Beware of your surroundings and if you suspect someone may be trying to follow you, and you keep seeing them RUN!" Oh Parent's, gotta love them!

I am so excited to getaway from Calgary. Even just for a week, it always reminds me of how much I love my city when I get a chance to getaway from it for a bit. I know most of you aren't from here, so just a little tidbit of info haha. I live in Calgary, its a beautiful city, close to the mountains, and I love it! What I don't like however, is how it goes from +9 and sunny yesterday, to half a foot of snow and -13 (all Celsius) this morning. Yesterday was sunny, I had my shades on and I was rockin to tunes in my truck, and this morning, I'm brushing snow off of it and freezing my butt off!! 

Let's just say, right now I miss my house in Arizona :(

Happy Monday ladies! 


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  1. Glad you had a great weekend, hope the week will be good too!! xx


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