Thanks to Kanye's workout plan....

Alright, I'm going to be brave here and show off my progress! 
Stop reading now, if you're offended by underwear haha! 
I never really thought that part through, so I apologize for the "outifts" haha
They're not TOO bad, basically the same as a bathing suit! 

So I will start off by telling you that I actually weigh 3 lbs more in my second photo. I think this is where us ladies get mad at the scale haha! To lean your body out you shouldn't be surprised if you gain a few pounds at first. You will lose it afterwards with cardio though! Remember, it's just a number, real progress can be tracked by body fat % as well as how you look and feel, so don't be alarmed if you gain weight! 

Last year I had decided to whip my butt into shape in October, little to my surprise I ended up getting kidney stones a few weeks after I had started my journey. Needless to say I was out of the gym until December, and in excruciating pain up until then. I still kept up with eating right, but I really needed to focus on the gym as I was losing a lot of the toning I had done. 

I started back in the gym in the last few weeks of December, and I have been on it every since! I maintain a balanced diet (pretty near 100% clean) and I ensure I am very active all the time.

I should admit now, I am accident prone! I always get hurt in some way or another! This has been a huge obstacle with my training. Right before the Kidney stones I had taken a good fall off my dirt bike and cracked my right kneecap! I'd post pictures but its pretty nasty! Let's just hope I don't break anything while I'm in Cancun! 

If anyone needs help with diet/nutrition or exercise tips, let me know! I would be more than happy to help you out as well :)

Before & During photos :)
Sorry about the quality!

Top photo; Before
Bottom photo; Recent (within the last week)

Hopefully you can see some progress!

xoxox Jessica

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