Happy Friday Bloggers!

If you've been following my blog, you will know that I have been anxiously awaiting my trip to Cancun, I leave tomorrow morning! I'm so excited, I could barely sleep last night! 

I attempted to pack.... 
I am the worst person for packing, I always over pack, stress about forgetting something, and I always think I don't have everything I need. I'm not done as of yet haha, but so far this is what I have;

4 skirts
5 dresses
4 tank tops
1 Dressy top
1 Bandeau
1 Pair of hiking shorts 
1 pair of jeans
3 bathing suits
Socks & unmentionables
 2 Pairs of sandals
1 Pair of boots
1 Pair of heels 
2 Pairs of sunglasses

I haven't even packed my hair or make-up stuff yet.... and the suitcase is pretty full haha!

Do you guys over pack as well?

Last night, I was attempting to grab a few things that I thought I'd need for my trip, I ended up getting 2 skirts, 3 dresses, Kat Von D lipstick, and Betsey Johnson scented nail polish hehe!
Today, my Avon order came in as well! Here's a few goodies I bought to try out! (The great thing about Avon, is it's all fairly cheap, but good quality! 

So here's a few pics of the goodies I picked up :)

Betsey Johnson O.P.I Scented Nail Polish 
Kat Von D Foiled love lipstick in "Amour"

Goodies from Avon!

Professional Eye Smoker - Very Black 
Fruity Lip Juice - Citrus Pink, Ripe Melon & Guava
Nailwear Pro - Blossom & Fuchsia Fun
Plump Pout - Pink Nectar 
Mega Impact Eyeshadow - Nude Attitude & Violet Voltage 

All of this was only $35.00!

Hope you guys have a lovely friday! 

xxx Jessica


  1. Have fun hunny! awesome goodies xxx

  2. i am so excited to see all the cancun photos! haha! have a FAB time if we dont talk before you depart!

    1. Oh you know me Jasmine, there will be a million photos!!

  3. Hi! I tagged you in a tag post that I did! Please check out my post for the rules and the questions!


    1. I will be checking this out right now!!

  4. Oh lord, I TOTALLY over pack. And then when I get to my destination I'm cursing myself for packing so much, haha. ♥

  5. have fun out there in Cancun!!!!! Cant wait to read about it! But honey I always over pack because my behind ALWAYS forgets something. =)


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