Livin the Goodlife!

I took this photo today (yes I edited it a little to stand out more) This was in paint on a bridge that we were walking over. The cool thing is, I have "Love the life you live...xo" tattooed on my left foot! So of course I thought this was pretty rad and had to snap a pic!

As requested by Ess, here is the pic of my tattoo!! 

Happy Sunday all you bloggers! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend and are ready to kill it (with kindness of course!) this week!

I had a great weekend!
Friday night, I went and hung out with my "French Connection" boys, they're all from Quebec and Montreal, hence why I call them my French Connection haha! We had fun, hung out drank beer, and chilled. Perfect night for great company!

Saturday I hit the gym as usual, no surprise there haha! Then I went for beers with a friend at Original Joe's which is a trendy little bar, with THE BEST beer ever! It's called "Blonde Lager" for all you Barbies (whom I love) You may not like beer, but hey! It's named after you <3
Then I went off to see my french boys again, and spent the night hanging out. 

Now I do have one small confession/rant! I had a friend, heck he was my best friend, his new/old girlfriend is back in the picture and of course she doesn't like me so he has now been banished to talk to me and he "hates" me. For what it's worth, I know he doesn't but girlfriends seem to have this super power.... I hate this. We have mutual friends whom I hang out with and I do not appreciate text messages telling me I'm not allowed to hang with my boys. Not cool bro. Get over yourself, and get rid of the dumb broad that is costing you friendships!

Sunday was a big day though! My bestie and I climbed the stairs at Memorial, up and down and up and down time and time again.... Kill me now, I'm still not sure how she got me to do that!! Memorial Stairs for all you bloggers not from here, are the biggest, longest, most heart throbbing stairs of my life. Basically its about 15 sets of stairs, multiply that by 10 times up and down, and you've got me.... pouring sweat and starving, with shin splints haha! It's all for health though right? My blog keeps my mind healthy, and working out keeps my body healthy. After the stairs, we ventured off downtown for a few hours (didn't realize we had walked 30+ blocks to find a nice place to eat haha) We had the best salads!! Spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, pecans, and a lovely dressing! Oh to die for! After that of course we had to find our way back to the stairs, and climb them one last time to get back to the car. I was so done by this time haha! Silly me decided to go tanning after that as well! 

All in all, it was a great weekend with great friends and very relaxed (other than those dang stairs!)


  1. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post and to be my newest follower, I follow you too!
    have a wonderful Monday!

    1. I love when this happens :)
      So cute! Thank you!

  2. You should have snapped a pic of your tattoo!

  3. ohh some guy's girlfriends just never do figure out that jealousy works the opposite of how they want it to, amirite?

    1. Oh boy they sure do not! Girlfriends should be trying to get on the good side of the female best friend!


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