Happy Eastaaaah

Good Morning my loves!
I hope you guys all had a great weekend, and I'm slightly jealous of those of you who have today off!

I got back from Victoria on Thursday night, and to my surprise I had a cute boy waiting for me in arrivals...
This was completely unexpected but cute none the less. 
Long story short: My cousins boyfriend, has been trying to set me up with his friend.... "Boy" and I have been texting for awhile now, and he was in town so he just showed up to the airport! We spent the evening laughing and drinking, and I have hopelessly fallen for his charming good looks. GRAND. Now I'm trying not to be the crazy 24/7 text queen, so far so good. Still not sure if another date is in my future, but let's cross our fingers just in case :)

On a lighter note, the rest of the weekend was sort of weird... hahah
This would include painting my truck (don't ask haha) lunch dates, drinking at 5pm, trying on random hats at a bar, and some "female entertainment" or strippers as I call them. Not too sure why I ended up at the strippers, but it did end up with me seeing a "friend" from highschool. When I say "friend" I really mean "Very popular girl that had more money than she knew what to do with, and I really didn't think she knew who I was" BUT she sure did on Saturday night when she was telling me I looked "hot" and hugging me as if I were her long lost sister. Random, I know. Still unsure of how I end up in these situations. 

Here is me... with the random hat on haha
Sunday was great, I had a photo shoot with an engaged couple (pictures to follow) and they are very excited for me to do their wedding photos in August! 

Mike and Mel's Engagement shoot!

They were just too cute for words!

I'm a sucker for Black and White!

She's not a model but she definitely could be :)

One of my faves :)

So there ya have it! My weekend, plus a few of the engagement photos I did yesterday! 

Happy Monday!

X's & O's 


  1. Awesome pictures! I love them! If I get engaged I'll be calling you :)

    And that's very sweet of the boy to show up at the airport... but you're right, don't go crazy with the texting! It's better that way!

    1. Oh you definitely need to call me when you get engaged!

  2. fantastic pictures..i like it soooo damn much..and ur friend is so perfectly together ...

  3. What a great weekend! Sounds like a great match and hope you'll see him again. The engagement photos look fantastic, you did a beautiful job!

    1. Thanks sweets! I hope you had a great weekend as well!

  4. Wonderful pictures, so pretty. Am glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend :) x

  5. too cute i tell you!!
    and a new boy hmm?? Dont you just hate when you actually like them but try to play it cool and you cant!! gahhhh... lol.

    1. Yes I am trying SOO hard to be cool haahha
      Im not cool who am I trying to fool!

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend...I've run into quite a few "Friends" in the past...I always thought it was funny how they acted like we were always the best of friends lol...hope you have a great week!

    1. Oh yes, I love these so called "friends" haha

  7. loves the shots jess!
    great photos!

    love you!


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