Linkin up with Megan from Mackey Madness again for Sometimes & Always :)

Sometimes; I feel like I'm going to die when you move away tomorrow
Always; I know we will keep in touch and get through it together

Sometimes; I want to buy a new car
Always; I know it will come in time, just not now!

Sometimes; I sleep with a movie playing
Always; I wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off

Sometimes; I hit the snooze button
Always; I regret hitting it because I'm in rush mode!

Sometimes; I want to tell you I miss you 
Always; I know I'd be lying :)

Love and Light 



  1. The snooze button is the devil. That ten minutes is always the difference between being totally put together or being TOTALLY DISHEVELED AND LATE.


  2. I know what you man about always regretting hitting snooze. It seems like a great idea at the time, but never is!

  3. I really hate when I hit snooze a few times and then I'm running so late. When will I learn?! Haha.

    Thanks for linking up with me!


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