Welcome to Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

Well Folks I've arrived! I'm now in Victoria, British Columbia!

I don't have a ton of time for a post right now, my friend Paul is coming to pick me up for dinner and some wandering around in Vic! I did however want to show you guys how beautiful this place is! I am so very proud to work for my employer, and ever so grateful that they put us up in places like this for business trips! I will take more photos and fill you guys in on the trip more tomorrow :) 

Gorgeous view from in the bathroom

Me being a dork in the bathroom mirror!


Outside the shower

The Room

My Balcony

The Pool & Hot Tub

View from the Balcony

The room from the other side

Oh I love little details!

You can guess it, I'm ready for a nice in-suite Jacuzzi!!

I Hope you guys are all having a wonderful Tuesday! I love it out here in Victoria! Maybe I won't ever go home haha!

<3 Jessica


  1. OH MY, jealous would be an understatement right now haha.

    B xxx

  2. I NEEED that tub right now! Nice. lol

    1. Oh my sore body sure felt good in there! Now I just need one at home!

  3. I am sitting here turning all kinds of green with envy. Everything looks amazing!

    1. The definitely know how to treat someone like a VIP!


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