Little things.

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.
- The Vow

Last night I watched "The Vow" great movie! I love it, and I wish I could find an everlasting love like they shared. If you're in for a chick flick and possibly a tear jerker, you will love this one!

I had told a boy I like that I wanted to go see the movie, and I wanted him to take me haha! Well.... that didn't go as planned haha, he didn't want to and I ended up watching it online. All in all though I guess we both got what we wanted!

Since we're on the topic of boys.... how do you ladies feel about this one....
We went on a few dates 3 years ago, everything was fine but we got busy and lost touch. We ran into each other a month ago, and have been talking since then non stop. We haven't hung out yet though, this is the part I don't like. He's "taking things slow" but I don't quite understand how that works if you don't see each other....thoughts? 

This weekend, my friend and I are going bathing suit shopping for our trip to Cancun! I have to admit I am excited, but also terrified I am not a fan of bikinis haha even though I have worked very hard on my body for months now! 

Have a good Wednesday my lovelies!

xXx Jessica 


  1. I'm sure you'll get lots of love and appreciation on your body so don't worry. You've worked hard for it. As for that guy... well, I can't really tell you what to do but if I were you, I'd be honest and tell him I want to hang out with him.

    Keep smiling love. :)

    Followed you. Found you through Blog Hop. Hope you could drop by my blog and follow back too. :)

    1. Oh he knows I wanna hang out haha!
      The joys of a busy lifestyle!

  2. when are you going to cancun!?
    i have more travelling q's to ask you!

    are you allowed to bring make-up in your carry on?
    are passport photos colored or black and white?
    how do you get to your resort once you reach the airport? shuttles or cabs?
    i'm so nervous to travel this year, i feel like i don't know what to do!

    i wanna see what bikinis you buy <333
    love you lots!

    1. March 10-17!!! Soo soon! I can't wait!
      You and your travelling q's hahah!

      Passport photos are color (the look better when you take them than they do when you actually get your passport)
      Yes you can bring make up in your carry on but bottled make up cant be more than 80ml
      Some resorts have a shuttle to and from the airport, as the resort! Otherwise cabs!

      You will be fine travelling!! I will definitely show you my new bikinis!!

      Love you too!!

    2. who did you book through?
      i'm thinking jeff and i are gonna go in may! after our calgary trip and once my mommy is all settled out here!

      but i'm not sure who too book through and who has the bestest deals!

  3. I booked it online through expedia! Super easy and all inclusive! Just keep lookin online you'll find one you like!

  4. really? how much did it cost ya?!

    im dying to go somewhereeeeee
    but its hard when hubby works so much!

  5. it was only 1500$ all inclusive with the flights!!
    This was a stellar deal since its during spring break hehe
    The same package is over 3 grand now haha!

  6. This is just my opinion. If you knows that you want to hang out and you have dated before there should be no problem. Granted he didnt want to see a chick flick. But at the same time a guy who is interested doesnt just chat on the phone. I say date someone else. He may come around or he wont. Either way, your better than that. As for the bikini... giiirrrrl you better work it! you didnt go to the gym for nothing!


    1. Oh how I adore your comments!
      You remind me of my best friend soo much its crazy!
      I will be workin it in my bikini!


  7. I think it's so cute that you share your love life on here!! I'm too chicken to do that on my blog!

    I think you should go for it with that guy :)
    I'll be looking for that movie - I'm in dire need of some romantic chick flick in my life..


  8. Oh and I'm officially one of your gal pals!

    1. So excited you decided to join in on my love life haha!
      I don't write names lol so no one will know who the boy is :)


  9. hello! i found you through blog hopping! and im your newest follower! i would love to see what bikinis you buy. im currently battling my fat! i think im a long way away from bikinis but i will treat myself to holiday when i get to goal weight!
    i havent seen the vow, im not really into chick flicks but my brother saw it with his girlfriend and said it was surprisingly good! so i think i might see it now.

    kuki xx


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