Life is like photography; we use the negatives to develop

Those are my words to live by (also on the back of my business cards)
I've always had a knack for photos, I'm not too sure how it came about, but I have always loved them

I think photography is a way of life, with photos you can capture moments in time that you will never get back. 
It has a way of touching, feeling, and capturing moments long after people are gone, and long after the memories fade. It's a passion for me, and that's why I'd love to share it with you girls :)

This is from one of the weddings I had last year, and yes that is a real frog!
We found him in the grass and I had an impromptu idea for a fun photo.
One of my favorite pictures :)

I have a wedding booked this weekend, so I will be sure to show you guys a few photos next week!

xxx Jessica  


  1. The frog makes the picture for sure!! Very cute!

  2. I love this photo, it's beatiful.
    I so agree with this post, photography is magical, it captures moments and let's you see from someone else's perspective.
    Love it =)

  3. Amazing picture.. I agree.. I love photography !!.. x


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