Boxer Beer

I just came across this photo of my friend and I from "Beerfest" last year!
I'm the one second from the left, looking silly as per usual!

We had so much fun that day. Beerfest is hosted once a year, a whole bunch of beer companies, and new brewers all come together in one spot! It's pretty neat, you purchase a small beer mug and tickets, and you walk around tasting all the different beers. They have fun things, like this "Boxer Beer" photo set up to do as well. This photo, believe it or not made it onto the website for the company haha! We did get to keep the cute little boxers as well, but I should admit now.... The beer was awful haha! I actually quite enjoy beer, but this "Boxer Beer" is not a top choice!

The friend in the photo, and I go to quite a few of these things every year. We have tattoo festivals, and outdoor festivals all year round! Next one up, is the Annual Auto show, which I happen to do the photography for Audi at, so I will most definitely we there!

The funny thing about Brittnee (my friend in the photo) and I, is that we are like 2 peas in a pod. We have been best friends since middle school, and we do everything the same. Ironically, we did our hair the same on the day this photo was taken. We are so "connected" that we often end up in the same outfit, or with the same hair, without even talking to each other. When we hang out, we usually don't even say where exactly we're going to meet up haha. If she says the mall, I know where in the mall to go, no questions asked haha! It's very bizarre and we laugh often about it, because no matter how hard we try we still do things the same. 
I love her none the less of course though! 

Just had to share this funny photo!

xxx Jessica

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