Light up lip gloss; my all time fave gloss!

Alright ladies, I am not usually the one to boast or chat about my fave lip gloss because to be honest I am not a huge lip gloss girl. I could never find one that wasn't either too sticky or made my lips dry and cracked. This however was a life changer! Truly amazing!

Artistry's light up lip gloss. 
As if it weren't enough that the lip gloss is amazing, glides on smoothly, stays on, and is not sticky. They topped it off my adding a mirror and small lights so you can apply this stuff anywhere!

Plus is comes in a variety of shades, and.....
drum roll please.........

Miss America Endorses it! Oh and Kathie Lee too :) 

Yes, you heard me right. Miss America herself and many contestants use and love this gloss! 

The bonus is you can get it from me :) Along with a lot more makeup!

The store has everything Walmart/Target has and more! From toilet paper, toothpaste, makeup, lotions, office supplies etc to my partner stores including Disney, Bass Pro Shops, Sears and many more! 

If anyone wants anything at all in the store I am offering 10% off, so let me know when your cart is ready and I will discount your items )

Would love it if you guys checked it out :)


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