High Heels; High Standards

Good Morning my Loves!
It's Tuesday and I am sick as a dog. Brutal, I know. 
Somehow I managed to contract a head cold on Sunday and I have been ill ever since. 
Yesterday I came to work, tried my best and gave it my all. My lovely boyfriend (so weird to say that, but it's official now) brought me cold medicine. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?! 
I can say, no boy has ever done anything like that before. 

Maybe I should fill you guys in a little more about this boy.... 
We will call him D.
D and I have known each other since high school, he went to school with my ex husband....oh yeah. Slightly weird. They were friends back in highschool, but haven't talked since graduation. (In case you didn't figure it out, I went to a different school than they did)
D and I were acquaintances back then but really didn't know each other well. 
Just about a month ago, I ran into him... at a strip club. Why I was there, I really don't know haha it was one of those crazy nights. He was there because it was his friends birthday and he had gotten talked into it. Regardless, I saw him, ran up to him, gave him a hug and said hey! 
The next day I get a facebook message, telling me I look great and it was nice to bump into each other, possibly drinks sometime?
I said yes, but wasn't sure when that would actually happen. 
The following week, we started texting and chatting and well.... let's just say on a Tuesday night I got carried away, drank way more than I should have and he came to the rescue! He picked me up, made sure I got my truck in the morning so I could get to work, and was so respectful, he tried absolutely nothing. 
So now I owed him... I invited him out for drinks another night, he came we had a good time and we texted for another week haha.
The week after that, we went to see a movie, I decided I liked him that night.
The following day we went hiking and hung out at his place that night, and well ever since we have pretty much been inseparable. 
He's the cutest thing ever! 
So there ya have it folks... The girl that never has a boyfriend (or a decent one at least) has the most amazing  boyfriend and she may have slightly fallen for him... 

Wish me luck!

<3 Jessica


  1. Good luck, he sounds great!!! Can't wait to hear more about him and I hope you get better soon!!

  2. You. Are. Adorable. Good work love! :)

  3. How exciting! Happy romancing!

  4. You go girl get ya man!!!! lol. I am very happy for you! Feel better son though. Let me know if you need a remedy. =)


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