Well my dears, life has been hectic! 
D and I are still great, I didn't expect things to get as serious as they have already but I love it! 

I've also been house hunting! I have found my new little condo, and I will be moving in on June 15th! 
I will take photos for you guys when I'm moved in so you can see how nice it is!! 

Wedding season is also upon us, hence my lack of posts! Being a wedding photographer means losing your freedom on the weekends, but it also means a nice chunk of change haha! 

I miss you all dearly and as soon as things calm down I will be back to posting daily!

In the mean time, I post on my instagram ALL the time since its so convenient! 
Feel free to follow :) 

<3 Jessica


  1. I was like where the hell is she!! lol. I will be following you!

  2. Thanks for checking in, girlie! I was like, where in the world did that missy go! Have an awesome weekend! :)


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