The Way I See it Thursday's

This seems to be my little thing to do every week :)

The way I see it.... 

Old friends always have a way of making it back into your life if they're meant to be there.

You need to have things in common with the people you hang out with, or it won't last. 

There will always be that one person that comes into your life just when you thought you had let them go. You will always let that person back in. 

Sometimes things look amazing, but deep down you're a little afraid of the future.

This week has been good so far. I've successfully continued to be smoke free, I'm volunteering tonight, I saw my boyfriend, went for wings with an old friend, but yet something seems to not be right. I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

Kisses from Canada
<3 Jessica 


  1. Don't fear the future- it's gonna be bright and shiny :)

  2. let us know when you figure it out :) i hope the person i let come back into my life is good for me...i've been having troubles with "friends" lately haha


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