Friday's Letters

Good Morning My Loves!
Sorry I have been lacking in blogging this week. I have been sicker than sick, but I still went to work! 
Ugh and it was busy, ALL WEEK. This was a stressful, busy week as it is no need to throw in some illness! 

Last night the boyfriend and I went out for beers and steak sandwiches, what a great idea. I really needed that after such a long week. Only problem was, after we got to his house we stayed up and drank a bottle of wine with his mom haha! I had a rough morning today to say the least!

Friday's Letters;

Dear N: I miss you. I miss hanging out with you. I think about you all the time, and I get so lonely without you here. I would love it if you just came back. <3 

Dear Boyfriend: I learn new things about you every day and I love it. You treat me like a princess. Consider me head over heels. 

Dear Sickness: Go away. It's the weekend in a few hours and I want to enjoy it!

Dear Beerfest: The boyfriend and I will be attending you tomorrow, be prepared. 

Dear smokes: I quit you on Tuesday. It is now Friday and I have not given in!!

Love & Light 

<3 Jessica


  1. Good job on quitting!! Jealous that you're going to beerfest! Hope you feel better soon!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

    1. Thank you! It's been tough to quit!

  2. My lovely friend, you totally ROCK! I hope you feel better (lots of advil this morning to get over last night!), and have a super awesome weekend! :) xoxox

    1. Thanks Ang!
      I took it easy all weekend :)

  3. Go you! So glad you're being treated like the princess that you are!


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