Life as we know it.

Hello my loves. 
I have missed you all dearly and I know I have been horrible for not writing more. 
Life has been hectic, but not a bad hectic :)

So it happened. 
I fell for a boy. Yes I said it. Completely head over heels. 
I have spent time with him almost every day, I hang out with his Mom, I skyped with his dad (Who is is Croatia) and well, we do everything together. 

So here is the reason why I haven't been blogging.
He leaves on June19th.... to Europe.... ALL SUMMER.
I'm not impressed, I will miss him dearly, but I also found out the cutest thing ever. 

He was supposed to leave May 18th, but when we started seeing each other he postponed his trip so we could get to know each other better :)
How cute it that! 
He told me he really liked me and he knew if he left when we were still in those first stages I probably wouldn't be waiting for him when he got back. 
Now I'm in love and I have to wait all summer to see my boyfriend. 

Good thing I have photography to do to keep me busy! 

Here's a few shots I did this weekend for a couple engagement shoot:

I miss you all terribly, as you can see I will be lonely all summer so I will be blogging up a storm!
Until then I need some quality time with the love of my life!

<3 Jessica 


  1. Am really pleased for you, that's fabulous!! And the photos are stunning! x

  2. GREAT photos love!! YOU ROCK! :)

  3. I'm glad that you're so happy despite the summer apart but when reunited it will be amazing! Those photos are lovely as well xxx

  4. Aweeee... Jess! this is seriously SO sweet!
    So happy for you and the new boy!!

    love you!!

  5. Awwww, that's great news!!! Enjoy your time with him, while he's here.

  6. Yay for a new boyfriend! How cute that he postponed his trip just because of you! :)


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