Summer Days.

Happy Monday! 
I hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend! I managed to survive it and get rid of some of my sickness :)
Still feeling a little under the weather, but I am much better now!

Now onto my minor dilemma...
My new boyfriend and I have been spending lots of time together, and I absolutely love it.
The timing was perfect seeing as my bestfriend moved away right after I started seeing him. Okay so far none of this is a problem haha! 

The problem is that he is going to Europe (home) from June 19th until the last day of August (my birthday is September 1st) 
So what do I do all summer?
All my "friends" have conveniently left me out, or "forgotten" to give me details to things. 
That being said... Looks like it's going to be a long boring summer. I just may road trip alone places and see what I find. 

Or maybe go see Europe for a week.... 

<3 Jessica


  1. Hmmm...maybe a good time to invest in new {better!} friendships? Or just pour yourself into a new hobby! :)

  2. The Prince and I were on other sides of the country for four months last fall. It was hard but it was kind of good because our relationship had been moving really quickly and we probably needed that time to remember that we're still our own people, you know?

    Roadtripping by yourself is pretty fun. I used to do it with The Prince on my bluetooth. He would tell me to turn left or right at intersections. That way it felt like he was still adventuring with me, even if he was really far away.

    You should try it! The Prince and I made it through that time just fine and I'm sure you and your new man will too :)

    OH and you could come visit Kelowna? Yes? I have no friends here yet so I'm often bored!

    1. You're right I think we will be fine!
      That's adorable with the bluetooth!
      Yes to roadtrip!!!

  3. I would definitely say that now is the time to starting making new friends and going out. The summer is the best time since the weather is so nice. It obviously might suck not to have your BF and friends with you, but you can totally use this time to enjoy yourself and do what you want!

  4. aweee jess! you have a new man?! that's so sweet! show us a pic of you love birdies ;)

    and uhm, go to europe!? YES! how amazing would that be?

    an ultimate love story me thinks.

    love ya always!!!!


    1. Oh Jasmine! I love ya too
      This one is definitely a lil love story :)
      You will like heheh I'll show ya pics!

      xxx Jessica

  5. DEFINITELY go to Europe. It will be the best and then we can all live vicariously through you!


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