Weekend Recap

What a beautiful Monday morning :)
I had a fairly tame weekend but I had a lot of fun. 

I Instagrammed :)
This way you guys could take a look at what I did!
If you want to follow me on Instagram my name is: Mzjessicaxo

Here's me cruising in my truck being a dork haha

Ma and Pa's Garden

The BF at the car wash (Thrilled I'm taking photos haha)

Cool castle house we saw! :)

We baked cupcakes for our mamas

Watched Picasso sunbathe haha 

My weekend was good, we went for a few walks, went for ice creams, late night beers, good talks, and well I spent the whole thing with D :)

What did you lovelies get up to?

<3 Jessica


  1. the new loverboy is a hotty hun! rawrr!

    sounds like a fun weekend! wish we could 'double date' LOL


  2. Finally a picture of the boy! Cute!

    I love your sunglasses.

    So sweet that you made them cupcakes!

  3. I am glad to see your doing well!

  4. Ooh lala! A pic of the BF! I want a cupcake too!


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