Sometimes & Always.

Sometimes; I think about life and wonder what God has in store for me
Always; I know I will end up on the right path with a little guidance

Sometimes; I feel like I've never felt before with D 
Always; I try not to let myself get to tangled up

Sometimes; I want to cheat on my diet!! 
Always; I remind myself how hard I have worked to get this far

Sometimes; I miss N
Always; I know we are bestfriends no matter where we are in the world.

Happy Tuesday my loves :)

<3 Jessica 


  1. It's okay to be tangled up in something that is awesome!

    1. I must admit I am quite enjoying it haha

  2. Wonderful...don't cheat, you will be happier with the hard work!! xx

  3. Best friends could not talk for months but when that phone gets picked up its like the conversation never ended! You willl be great

  4. I always cheat on my diet! I have NO willpower at all. You can do it!! Hang in there!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  5. God is awesome and he does have a plan for everyone. We will all wonder what the future holds. ;) New follower! xoxo A-


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