Miss me?

First and foremost, I missed all of you :)
Thank you to a few of you who kept track of me using Instagram (@mzjessicaxo)

Life has been hectic, and I mean hectic. 
The boyfriend left for Croatia June 19th.... 
I can honestly say I am driving myself crazy without him, however I miss him and love him more and more each and every day. 
We come's back on the 31st, man oh man time goes slow. 10 weeks is a long time to be apart.

It's wedding season! Hooray! Right?
Not! Hahah, Wedding season is always hectic for me. 
For those of you who do not follow me on a regular basis, I work for Audi full time, as well as own a photography company. Specifically weddings :)
So you can only imagine how busy life has been for me.
I'll put a few of my wedding shots up for you guys to see!

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I'll love ya forever, well okay I already do <3

Here's a few just for you guys :) 

He had actually hired me to capture their engagement
Which we had just moments before :)
Downtown Calgary, Alberta 

Jonah & Emily 
Garrett & Lauren 

Jonah & Emily 
Virginia & Rudy

Gorgeous Rings

Pre-Wedding Bridal Party Photos 

Just the girls 

The Engagement Ring

Engagement Shoot

I love this 1957 Chevy truck

"Hay we're getting hitched!"

Love & Light Ladies
I'm back now I promise 

xxx Jessica 


  1. Gorgeous pictures...I like them a lot :)) x

  2. P.S. I liked your page & welcome you to like mine too :) have a sweet weekend! x


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