Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts for today.....

How on earth have I gotten through the last 9 weeks, but this last one seems impossible? D comes come next friday, yes 1 more week. I've had ups and downs, cried a little and been pretty good overall. I can honestly say, never again will I let the love of my life go away to another country for 10 weeks. I will however, go with him :) 1 more week, 1 more, I can do this. 

Slightly disappointed with my friends right now....
A friend called last night to chat, so we had our normal conversation, and I said "we should hang out next Thursday before D comes back" to my surprise, her reply was "Oh sorry I'll be camping" to which I said "So you'll be away all weekend.... including my birthday." Yeah. It happened. It always happens. Thanks mom and dad for getting busy when you did..... Now my birthday is always the beginning of school, or the long weekend. Awesome. Not.

Fix up, look sharp. 
That's right I'm pretty excited to dress up, and look pretty to pick up D at the airport. I may or may not have taken the day off to ensure maximum prettiness will be achieved. He's worth it :)

The new guy at work drives me insane. So much so, I would actually contemplate finding a new job.... 
I'm training him to do the job I should be doing... and he's a moron. End of story, there is no morning glory when he is here. 

Hug & Kisses 


  1. one more week! you are going to look AHHHHMAZING when you pick up your guy!

    sorry your friends are going to miss your birthday, though, and I'm sorry about the new guy at work... I feel your pain.

    1. heck ya I am going to look great!
      Maybe I'll snap a few pics so you can see!
      What do you think about crocs with some university sweats? sexy?


  2. Jess,

    If you want to come down to Waco, TX, I'll totally celebrate your birthday with you! It's the beginning of school, but I definitely will be around!

    So sorry about the new guy at work. I hate feeling unproductive. I'm sorry!

    Thinking of you on this beautiful Friday!


    1. You know, I would totally come down!! I actually LOVE Texas :) Sometimes I wish I was a southern girl :)

      Hope you have a fab weekend love!


  3. Hahaha, I just had to train a girl the other day and she drove me NUTS. I feel you! And she would ask my questions and not pay attention when I showed her something. I hope it gets better soon!

    Been there with the birthday stuff. Sometimes friends just aren't all they're cracked up to be.


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