Friday Favorites

Well ladies... dun dun dun!
We are officially 1 week from D's return!!! 
I may or may not be slightly more excited than the rest of you. 
Maybe yes? Maybe no?
So to kick off this weekend, I linked up with The Bargain Blonde to share some of my favorites :)

Lululemon: I love you hahah, I practically live in your clothes. I know, sort of weird. Seeing as I am the only girl in the service department at my dealership, I get away with murder. Not real murder, but the fashion kind where I wear lulu's to work with a lulu sweater. No big deal. I am the "Service Princess"

Tim Hortons: For all you bloggettes in the US or well anywhere but Canada, you won't understand the delight I have every morning. Tim Hortons is a Canadian thing, but it's amazing!! Starbucks is good, don't get me wrong, but for a good cup of coffee, no frills this is the winner. 

Hello Kitty: Slightly embarrassed by this one. You are just oh so cute. D does not really like my small obsession with you but he can get through it. I try and keep my "Badass" chick on a mission reputation, but the Hello Kitty air freshener and small TY beanie sort of give away this small obsession. Yes I have both in my TRUCK. Truth. 

Have a good weekend ladies :)

xoxo J


  1. I am with ya on lulu and timmy's :)

  2. stopping by from the bargain blonde...feel free to link up here too!

  3. I actually hate starbucks. The only good drinks have a bunch of fake ingredients in them. They definitely don't have the option for a good ol' cup of joe!


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