Dedicated to D

Happy Wednesday fellow Bloggettes!
I hope you are all having a fabulous week, we're closer to the weekend now!

For this post, I wanted to dedicate it to the love of my life D. 

Just a few days before he left for Europe!

So those of you who follow my blog on the regular know that D has been in Croatia since June 19....
This has been very difficult for both of us, and I have tried to occupy my time with work while he's been away. Things have been good, we talk regularly and skype at least once a week. We're nearing the end of his long trip! 15 sleeps to be exact haha! I am more than ecstatic to see him. The last week has been the hardest, he's been busy, I've been at weddings and working, and we really hadn't gotten a lot of time to talk. That is, until last night. We had an amazing skype date! We shared our feelings and love for one another and I feel much better now. It's hard when someone you love is across the world, somewhere you're never been and you don't know what it's like there. 

Before he left, we spent every day together. Literally. I used to go to his house for lunch when he worked at night, and if he didn't work I was with him after I was done at my job. The photo above was taken on his "Pre-Birthday trip" that I booked for us before he left. (his birthday was 5 days after he left) I took him to Invermere, British Columbia, rented us a beautiful condo in a resort (So fancy the mirrors in the bathroom had tv's in them!) we explored, went for dinner, enjoyed each others company and some drinks, and had a great weekend! It was a great trip to spend time together before he left :)

Regardless, I love D with all my heart and soul. Distance is such a small thing when someone means so much. I cannot wait for his return! I've planned my outfit already haha!  

Don't measure the distance, measure my love. 


  1. Aw Jess! This is such a cute post! You guys are adorable <3 Next time you come to BC let's do a double date! <3

    1. Absolutely!! I would love to come see you!!
      One weekend I will convince D to take me hahah

  2. Awe, so cute <3 Once he is home you'll look back on his time away and think it was nothing! Thats how I feel about jeremy being away now, he was away for four months and now I realize in the scheme of things it's nothing to the time we will spend together in the future!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Awe thank you Bree!
      I agree, its hard but worth it and you're right its minor in the big picture!

      xoxox Jessica

  3. Hi Jessica, long time no see, I hope all is well. 15 days will pass in no time and he'll be back :)

    1. It has been awhile! I got caught up in life for awhile there! I'm glad to be back now :)

  4. I'm glad your honey is coming home to you soon! I admire that you can deal with the distance. And 15 sleeps? I love that!! That's how my daughter and I measure days too. lol.

  5. Aww! You guys are too cute! I'm glad y'all get to be reunited soon :)


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